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How we need to prepare


Spring Cleaning

I’m currently going through my preps boxing up what I don’t need till an event and putting it away for safe storage in a sort of Spring Clean. I’m a bit behind the curve with this as I planned to do it over winter but I just didn’t have the time.

My house needs the spring clean as I’ve been simply moving prepping items in among the everyday items until I find I can’t get to the light bulbs because I have a few reams of paper blocking the way. Time for a sort out and because the weather is OK I can move stuff around and do this in the spare time when I don’t have enough time to do the big things I want to do such as sort out the hives.

So boring stuff at the moment while I pack stuff away documenting it on the way. Keep me busy for a while instead of browsing blogs.

3 comments to Spring Cleaning

  • Fred

    Don’t forget you’ll then need to transfer all these to other boxes as you move to your next strategic plan. 😉

  • iaaems

    It is quite amazing how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate over the years. This comes in under various headings such as ‘this will come in useful someday’ – ‘family momentos’ – ‘bargain deals in the shop’ – and many more.
    My current solution is a bigger shed – the original one at this address was 20 years old and rotting away from the top and the bottom. So at the moment I have had to remove all the shed contents – this has caused general chaos – and demolish the shed. Now I am in the process of extending the concrete base to accomodate the new one which has alsready been delivered in two very large and heavy boxes adding to the chaos.
    To say that this is causing concern within the family unit is an understatement due to the length of time for each of the processes involved and I am not getting any younger each day and fitness levels have reached an all time low and it’s been very cold here in Norfolk recently!!!!
    I am sure the overall result will be beneficial to all concerned – it’s just the getting there that’s the problem.

  • Skean Dhude


    Being in boxes and catalogued should make the next move easier.


    I’ve had the same issue over the years but I’m now running out of space to expand into.

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