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How we need to prepare


Tobacco Storage

Been reading up about storing tobaccco. It’s going to be the next big thing I think. Being driven up in price and taxed to a tremendous extent it is a prime candidate for storage even before you take into account it is treated by the puritans worse than crack cocaine.

I’d always just thought that […]

Bee Time

The weather has started to warm up and the bees are starting to get out about daily instead of being trapped inside the hives. It is now time for me to check on them after the winter.

As you know I have two hives and with the amount of bees entering and exiting it looks […]

Release of the Survival UK Wiki Site

As part of my site enhancements I have added a WiKi facility to the Survival UK suite of websites.

This WiKi, although not a true WiKi as it is not collaborative, will provide a glossary and a dictionary facility to allow people to check acronyms and phrases. There are already some common items in there […]

Looking for a new Logo and Banner

Since I have been going I have had several comments about my Logo and my Banner. Although I am comfortable with them as I see the banner being a debris hut, that nobody has recognised, so what could be better than that in my view and the logo is simply someone out fending for themselves […]