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Valid threats that everyone avoids.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that the government is not your friend. It has it’s own agenda and will ruthlessly pursue it, even killing those that get in it’s way.

Part of this policy has lead to the crashes of recent years and the general lowering of educational standards over several decades in an attempt to force everyone into a standard citizen. It is a massive project encompassing decades, trillions of pounds, billions of people and trillions of man hours.

It is starting to come apart as more and more people are waking up and I believe that as we rebel against what is being forced upon us there will be violence. How severe that violence is depends on how the government reacts to peoples reactions to it’s policies. Personally, I think it will be bloody as I can’t see them giving up power easily but hopefully not. I see this as our number one threat.

In second place alongside societal collapse I see a longer term issue, one that is being masked by the government in it’s agenda to pussify the west, is Islam. Islam is a strange philosophy that is a way of life rather than a religion put in place by powerful men to control women and force their domination of others. It is a complete society in one package and as such cannot brook competition with anything else.

The media’s role is to point these things out but they are too busy in bed with the government and following the PC rulebook to expose those watching TV to anything outside the official line. So it is left to other people to raise awareness and spread the facts around and if the right people see them and accept the facts hidden from us the risks we face will drop significantly because we will deal with it while we still can.

I know a few muslims and in my talks with them they all say the same thing. They are moderates, there are a few nutters out there spoiling it for every other muslim but then they say ‘The time isn’t right yet’. The unspoken statement is that we still have time to rise up and rebel pushing these people back to their own lands and defending our way of life so these nutters are spoiling the plan by showing us what to expect before they have a defensible foothold in our country. When the time is right we will soon find out where these moderates stand and you can be sure it isn’t on our side.

Watch and learn what is going on at this moment hidden by quislings in the government and media intent on destroying our way of life. Just because the powers that be say we are not at war doesn’t make us at peace.

What do you think? Pass it on.

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