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Weather drives the work

I haven’t been doing much the last few weeks. Planted a few plants, built up the bee hives and bought some knives. The rest of the time the weather has gotten in the way. Either it is sunny and I’m out taking advantage of it with the bees and/or taking the kids to the park or it is raining and I’m taking advantage of that with sorting out stuff inside the house. Either way I’m not getting enough time to do anything really.

I’m still moving things around inside though and have freed up a bit of space. Just means I can move more in and I’m sure people think I’m one of these mad men that has a collection of local free papers that go back to when I moved in.

Been thinking a bit about this site though. That six month period when it was dead didn’t do it any good at all but from what I have been seeing around at other sites it seems that people are starting to settle at this new level. Less people see it as an issue and the only people that are shouting and screaming are those that rely on the state. I think that call for sites like this is reducing which is interesting. Personally, I think it is a false dawn but I would wouldn’t I.

Arranging my holidays this year as well. Going camping again and this time with the van we can take a lot more kit than we have before. So just need to make a good solid gun safe in the front and I can bring anything I need.

Hope the weather perks up at the end of the week. I need to get into the hives as the queenless hive will be going critical if there is not a queen in it by then. That would be a blow to my plans for the bees.

Bees seem to be popular this year. I know a few people around me with them, I recognise the tell tale signs of bee kit and bee poop around their locals and the local bee supplies shop has run out of items such as foundation, frames and supers. All items that you need more of during this growth period. Either a lot of people underestimated their requirements or a lot of new people are starting up.

2 comments to Weather drives the work

  • straight shooter

    The thing is SD there seems to be a nucleus of members setting threads…there are plenty of subjects that really do need our attention
    most members that have been here for quite some time, this is not a bad thing…its a good to have,but there are no newbies to guide ..newbies in my view develop and give depth to any forum and strengthens it ….enriches it without newbies…those who are left Will and Do struggle….normally with each other and have no bearing on REAL survival stuff , recently the site has been called a mere talking shop….so what….if its helpful .

    I suppose frustrations play their part for all of us ,it certainly does for me, differing views are a good thing …it can mould or change things, discussion can achieve many useful and helpful things .

    While links play a useful part of a thread,i find them and view them a quick way to produce a thread…when its no real thread at all , normally its becomes and exchange of a view produced by a none member, in short people cannot be bothered to participate to the full …its to much action…it evolves a bit of care and work.

    So the answer is GETTING BACK TO BASICS of why we are all here…helping each other…So as from today i for one intend to do just that and only that……WHAT IS THE POINT of anything LESS ?….i hope all reading this will join in….SS

  • Fred

    People are lazy. They want others doing all the ground work, then they cherrypick it.

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