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Breaking the mould.

The whole world is going to pot. There was nothing that we could do about it as individuals, I know I’ve tried and a very frustrating few years that was. Our future, and all of our children’s futures, was in the hands of self serving madmen who can only see what is directly put in front of them. They do not have the capability of rational thought and are supported by a small but very effective army of SJW’s. The minions of the PC world. Those at the top and the SJWs have no concept of common sense. No remembrance of history and are so dense that they can hold two conflicting thoughts in their minds at the same time and fully believe both. It is a car crash waiting to happen and we must accept that.

When I first recognised this situation I started to get involved in politics and was quite confident about it. After all I had facts and figures, lessons from history and was experienced in laying out facts to explain a situation and/or theory. Was I disappointed, the SJWs simply ignored any facts that did not suit their agenda and just lied about others. You would spend days on an online discussion with one who instead of admitting defeat simply went back to reargue another part or simply stormed off saying that you were twisting or making up facts when there was nothing else they could say. Where it went wrong was 10 minutes later along would come another with pretty much the same argument but with subtle differences and it would start again. One SJW could tie you up for days with a few questions. In the end I simply gave up. They literally are too dumb to educate. I’m past talking now and waiting patiently for the violence.

The sad part is these people actually believe that what they are doing is good. They have good intentions and if everyone else did too then their utopia would work. Well, it would but it would be a soulless utopia. However, we will never get there because human nature is just not geared up that way. The nature that drove us through the last few thousand years of this planets history made us fighters, desperate for more than just living but striving and wanting to be on top. This nature took us from scrambling about in the mud fighting animals for food to people that walked on the moon. Then some people decided that they were living well, everything was going good and that some of these rich bastards should give away some of their hard earned cash to others who were unfortunate. Who could argue with that and the social security culture was born. As soon as people realise that people will pay them foir doing nothing then they will have their hands out. This generated a new career structure. Layabouts who knew how to squeeze everything out of the system and based on a skill that almost anyone could do. Having babies. More recently we have even expanded it to those that can’t have babies in the name of equal rights. The knock on for this is that those who had brains and wanted to wait were paying for those that didn’t want to and so they had to wait longer. Knock on from that is the lowest IQs were the ones having the babies. This is dragging the planetary IQ down. We as a species were artificially changing Darwin’s theory about evolution but one of the big problems with things like that is they can’t last. You cannot beat evolution. Now this culture is being expanded across the globe there are just too many people with their hands out. Contributing fuck all but happy to live off the toil of others.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963)

You have to remember that these SJW are not malicious, they are caring people. Just deluded and too thick to see they are being used by the elite as a way to force their views through. Minions, like minions through the ages, that are disposable so it matters naught when they get killed as a result of their masters biddings as long as the masters are safe.

The others pouring in also cannot be blamed. They live hand to mouth working dawn to dusk for a fraction of what we do and someone comes along as says go over there, they will give you 100 times what you earn here for doing nothing. What would you do? Personally, I’d be ready to go.

I liked it when we had ambitious plans to bring them up to our level. That was a good plan, the SJWs went out and were terminated abroad for their stupidity with no risk to us while we send out guarded teams who installed infrastructure like water and power plants, irrigation and sanitation facilities and educated them to improve their lot. Sadly as our government gets involved in this and everything they touch they fuck up most of the money is not used productively and so we need to throw more and more at in in an ever decreasing cost to benefit ratio. The more we send over the less it buys. Sending money is never going to fix the situation. Education and Power are the key components and we are doing very little on either.

Meanwhile back at home we have decided that bringing them over here is much better but we underestimated how many of them wanted to come and now we are inundated with them. On the plus side that has made many people who previously were indifferent to suddenly take an interest but tied by the law which stops us stringing up politains we are left simply whinging and whining about it. These people are now starting to stand up and be counted and the SJWs no longer just have a few people to attack, there are thousands now. Even better we are using their tactics against them which I have advocated for a long time but was told we cannot stoop to their level. I compare this to English Gentlemen setting up for a shoot out at dawn. Facing away from each other they start to take 5 paces and after the first step the SJW turns and starts shooting our English Gentleman’s friends shout ‘Carry on Nigel, don’t stoop to their level.’ and next minute our hero lies dead on the floor. ‘At least he stuck to his principles.’ says our side while another one of us is rubbed out. No wonder we have been losing up to now. We really are stupid in our own way by thinking that they fight fair. Fight Fire with Fire is what is said (Makes no sense to me our fireman don’t have flamethrowers). It is now good to see our side is fighting back.

Might be too little, too late for many but it is a start and in my view it is enough to make sure we as a society eradicate the curse of socialism and it’s equality for all. So looking good for the future.

However, this still leaves now and us personally. The mould is starting to get chipped away so how do we shape the future around us to be more like the way it was 30 plus years ago and leave us happily living in the present.

More coming in Adjusting Your Own Future.

5 comments to Breaking the mould.

  • straight shooter

    Why? is it , i agree with all you write….to the letter, i sometimes wonder of the design of things…so well designed by total fucking idiots….are we ? so consumed by everyday living to miss the point of what THEY do ? are we all so dumbed down and uncaring to except the shit shovelled our way….sometimes i wish i could just bugger off and live a life free from this oppressive shit ….but realize the shit will catch up a consume me anyway…..fight ….you say…..damn right i say !

  • elmer

    I believe the liberals elite is the biggest inside threat to the uk, they believe everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with no consequences, criminals shouldn’t be punished, dole spongers shouldn’t be made to work, and any unknown face that illegally crosses our border should be welcomed and given the same rights as a citizen, and anyone who say different no matter how small is instantly branded racist, sexist or any of the other ist words use to beat down anyone who dares to disagree with the lefties it’s time these “people” were made to explain there views without school yard name calling I’d bet not one could hold up a good argument with the facts in front of them without the ist attacks we see every day in parliament, tv or the papers

  • Skean Dhude

    People just want to live a hassle free life and know that if they are the ones that rebel the establishment will come down on them like a ton of bricks sending plod in at 0400 and the reality is they could very easily be shot or go to prison and the rest of us will shrug and say ‘Shouldn’t have broken the law’.

    People are fighting back. There are signs all over the place and things will change. Join in and ridicule the SJWs whenever and as often as you can.

    Despite them being simple minded and naïve they are doing a lot of damage to ourselves as a species. We put down friendly and well trained dogs when they bite us. What is the difference.

  • Fred

    This is excellent. I had a post too for today and put it back. Wonder if I can quote from yours, you put it more clearly.

  • Skean Dhude

    Fred, Of course you can. I’m putting these views out for others to pick up and understand.

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