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Hiding in the crowd

With the current government policies removing many of our actual rights and replacing them with false rights we need to adjust the way we life to compensate.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin

I am of the belief that our government thinks that it can legislate and educate us Alphas into becoming Betas. The education process is doing it’s bit on our kids as more and more of them are leaving school without the basic understanding of life, basic mathematics and how to string together more than a few grunts. The legislation is designed to make the Alphas that obey the law become Betas as they think Alphas with no power will be Betas. This conversion is either via laws such as gun control to control the physical or laws such as hate crimes to control the mental processes they make us conform to Beta rules.

This leaves us all like a large flock of sheep which is policed by waiting for a few wolves to take a few sheep which triggers action from the middle of the flock with Plod coming out and capturing or killing them. It then uses the surveillance powers they have taken to trace all their helpers and supporters. Slowly eroding away the wolves from the general flock.

It’ll work on many, especially those brought up by limp wristed liberals who believe all this namby pamby PC stuff and actually think it will make them safer. It is the believe that they are safe that makes them feel good and reality takes a long time to penetrate their skulls although I’ve been reading articles that show several SJWs and now questioning the party line.

It will stop many of the real nutters though as they are stupid, this method will allow them to be culled but at great cost to us. A cost that we just won’t pay for long before even the most limp wristed will start to question what is going on, mainly because it’ll be pointed out to them by some bright 10 year old. As they are not murdering politicians they won’t act until they are threatened, and not by the nutters, by us. When they are the politicians will start looking for other methods of resolving these issues.

This policy won’t work with us either because we are not sheep or wolves we are humans that look the same with Alpha and Beta traits in our personalities which cannot be determined until we do something to show them. There is no visual clue to the untrained just by watching us walking along a street or on the bus. We are usually both Alpha and Beta in some ways and being human we adapt to survive. If that means pretending to be Beta then so be it. We have no choice so we will keep our heads down and blend in to survive. Then when we think it is safe we will come from under the camouflage of being compliant and do what we need to do. We can adapt but it makes it awkward for us. If we were free we could get the tools necessary to ensure our survival for almost every event we can anticipate. As we are not we have to make do with what we can get, going right up against the line and although not breaking the law, stretching it so close to the line it bends just a little bit.

In reality we could simply do what all the bad guys are doing, cross the line and ignore the laws. The chances of getting caught seem to be pretty slim. Over the last few months we have seen how ineffective our security services are. With making sure our politicians are protected and even just keeping basic track of these nutters they are overloaded. Never mind real crimes like someone saying something not very nice about someone else on twitter. There is no intelligence applied for pre-emptive detection and stopping of people, they are not catching anyone until they actually do something or are so dumb they stand out in a crowd and seeing as we won’t be doing anything until after an event and we are not dumb enough to post pictures of ourselves with AK47s we should be fine. We would have to be very unlucky to get caught. Probably because you said something on twitter and they waterboarded you to find out more.

In saying that though I do believe that at the moment we don’t need to cross the line. I think we should do as much as we can stretching the line though. I think that with the SJWs starting to panic and question the status quo, one they have supported for decades then there is hope yet. Stay with the sheep and pretend to be like them. Prepare as much as you can staying on the right side of the law, get to know some good contacts, and when the time is right you can make the call. Just keep yourself safe and not only away from significant public meetings, major transport hubs and occupied areas but from our supposed protectors who will imprison or kill you for having an opinion different from what is being dictated to you. Agents of the state take many forms, not just Plod, like neighbours, school teachers and shop keepers. One word out of line and you would think it was you who were sawing people heads off.

The State doesn’t care about you as such. They simply don’t want anyone rocking the boat. Imagine they are a Hippo and you a small animal next to it. Most of the time you get killed because you are not paying attention when it turns your way to check something unconnected to you, when it wants you it will come for you and steamroller over everything in its way, friends, family and even innocents. Yet if you retaliate or resist in any way, even if it has made a mistake, that gives them the justification that they need. So best keep out of the way. At least till it turns a bit more like a middle eastern country, excluding Bradford and Tower Hamlets which are already like those hell holes, and you will be just one of millions looking to stay alive and using any method you can.

What I find really funny is the lengths they go to to make people label the bad guys as terrorists. Terrorist has a certain ring to it and everyone hates them. Only problem is that many of the people marked as terrorists currently are not what you and I would call a terrorist. They are labelled by the State so nobody asks too many questions when they disappear for 15 years or so with no charges and regular torture. Question it and show that there is a reason for what they did gets you charged with supporting the enemy which surprise, surprise, gets you marked down as a terrorist.

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Sun Tzu (544 BC – 496 BC)

The state because it doesn’t want to allow us to think about the many wars it has chosen to wage under the guise of ‘The War On Terror’ actually makes it an offence to discuss and consider for one minute that the enemy may have a valid reason for what he is doing. Perhaps not one we would agree with but we are all different. A fact that was presented to me decades ago by the wife at the time lying about something for no reason whatsoever, I couldn’t get my head around it. She lied and for no benefit. It didn’t gain her anything, she wasn’t getting any benefit whatsoever but she still lied. It took me a while to accept that there are people who do things for no clear reason. A lesson that has held me in good stead since as now I actually consider it whenever I’m discussing anything. No longer is it just what has he to gain but things like does he seriously believe that?

Just to be clear, to understand where a terrorist is coming from is a crime in the UK at this moment in time. This kind of explains why we are not getting anywhere solving the problem because everyone thinking about it is thinking about a restricted set of issues and not what is really going on. Ask them about taxation and they can talk for hours about social justice and there isn’t a tax they don’t like but ask them to solve any problems and fifteen years later they are still knee jerking around the problem and tightening the noose around us, the people that have done nothing wrong. All because their conscience doesn’t let them see past their pre defined prejudices.

It doesn’t stop us looking at our problems though and having some common sense we identify failed policies and adapt around them. Currently our biggest failed policy which has the potential to impact us is immigration and the State won’t hear a word said about it. Next up is the climate change scam where being a heretic is being considered for a jail sentence followed by the EU, where those who get benefits from it have to support it or lose their funding. Farmers have been told to put pro EU signs in their fields or lose grants to which they are entitled. All State excesses and all punishable by law. Yet just giving any view that is against the States thinking is persecuted at gun point.

Taking all that in mind the only way to keep your head down is to keep away from the States lack of clothes, wait until some SJW wakes up and says that the emperor has no clothes and watch as it all collapses. We can do almost everything we need at the moment and when it starts coming down we should move quickly to pick up the last few bits we need as when it comes down it will come down quickly. What the impact to us will be is still uncertain but one thing I have learnt in my life is that what is a relatively minor splinter can turn fatal if not treated correctly. How far we will far has yet to be determined. Just make sure that you have done all you can to minimise the damage that happens to you and yours.

Be careful out there.

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