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How we need to prepare


How Things Change

When I was a kid I was into outside stuff. I used to go fishing, shooting and just general exploring in the area around where I lived. It was great. Plod caught you fishing in someones pond or shooting rabbits on their land you got a clip around the ear and your parents got told where you got a lot more than that.

I grew up a bit and things moved on, I then discovered the threat of death we were all living under and what those in the US were doing to make sure they survived. At that point I became a prepper. Prepping for a nuclear exchange that was inevitable because the Russians were the devil incarnate and cared not one iota for Western lives. We spent ages exploring the options available, all six of them, and at the time you could get almost anything sent from abroad without issue so we stocked up on books and the kit you couldn’t get in the UK. Sadly no guns but there is hindsight for you. Useless.

Then we discovered that the Russians were like us, people that just liked their kids, but it was their totalitarian government that was the issue and they were the devil incarnate but they seemed quite happy to keep their own people under surveillance and take them away in the middle of the night never to be seen again if they put a foot out of place or spoke badly of someone in power. Their own neighbours and other citizens were encouraged to turn them in and they did in droves.

We were still prepping for a nuclear war but it looked less likely as time went on and the number of nuclear weapons grew till almost every family on the planet had a nuke with their name on it. We started to consider Asteroid strikes and other natural disasters so prepping changed slightly although to be honest we hadn’t really prepared that much for Nuclear War as we weren’t clear on what would happen and those that did had bunkers while we had tents.

Then the Berlin Wall came down and Nuclear War was unthinkable. We were all pals now and we kind of kept Nuclear War in mind but thought it was unlikely. We were then looking to the stars for Asteroids, Comets while looking closer to home for Epidemics and Viruses that had escaped from labs as that was the way we started thinking after the Nuclear Threat was relaxed. We were pretty much driven by the latest fad and all of those seemed reasonable and many now started to be something we could prep for and we did.

Prepping however was basically confined to making sure you had somewhere to camp and enough chocolate, sorry food, and camping gear to keep you going for a few weeks.

With the end of the Cold War and no real threats from other countries it was then our governments began to think that with no threats we might start thinking we could reduce government and, more importantly our taxes, that didn’t fit at all well with their plans, for their continued employment and retirement, so they looked around desperately for something, anything that would justify their existence. During those times a few tyrants got picked on but they were no real threat and the only real potential threat was China who didn’t really want to play our games. They also fiddled with their world government and basically installed a sense of social justice in all levels to push for a fairer deal, and only our governments could do it.

We still pottered about with camping gear only now it was more difficult to get some items and it was all taxed heavily as we still had a massive overhead to keep fed. Many of us drifted away and only the die hards kept going, prepping for Asteroids and an unlikely Nuclear War.

Then along came the governments saviour, some green nutters that loved plants and animal more than humans were shouting about global cooling and how we were all going to die in a man made ice age. They even had computer models to show how it would happen and although they were crap, data was falsified and the models didn’t actually work, dissenting voices were cut out of the discussion and their data ignored. A new quest and reason for government interference was born.

Finally, something the government could see that would make it useful once more. In fact only the governments, all of them, could fix this problem. Picking up the baton, ignoring all the holes in the theories they set about making themselves comfortable for life. After all, as it was a scam from beginning to end it would never be defeated and thus would never end. No matter what the facts shown we had to make changes. New taxes, and taxes that were supported by the docile public. They made errors, their first predictions were too close because they were thinking about themselves and not long term. They predicted floods, deserts, millions dying due to climate change and none of it happened. But with a compliant media and some sock puppets they adapted and went on. A long term agenda for world domination was started.

All this talk of doom and gloom, brought more people to prepping and this time there was something new. Total Annihilation. A new way of thinking. Nowhere was safe, they was not going to be a big die off and then anyone alive after a few weeks would be on their own. There was going to be slow die offs, environmental changes with starving people wandering the countryside consuming everything they could find. Even Ray Mears would be lucky to find a snack in the wild. These are related things we now needed to consider and prepare for. Many of us, myself included, had to adapt our way of thinking and many minds started to look at the problem and what could be done. Exploring options and working scenarios to conclusions. There were so many options and so many solutions available but the changes needed to be made and we needed new solutions devised for our survival. We prepped for environmental disasters and some of us prepped for the old ones like Asteroids and Nuclear War as well.

A few short decades later. A working nanny state is in place doing only what we needed for our own good where rules about what we could say were defined and enforced and we find that it ourselves who have a government that has clamped down on its citizens. We need someone to make all the decisions for us. Now dissent is kept to a minimum, if someone’s feelings are hurt we clamp down on it quicker than you can say Troll and we link the dissenters with terrorisms so we can keep our own people under surveillance and take them away in the middle of the night never to be seen again if they put a foot out of place or said the wrong thing. Our own neighbours and other citizens are encouraged to turn them in and they are doing so in droves. Now kids get criminal records for doing what we did every day and we think that is fine. Hypocrites the lot of us.

Preppers, being of a libertarian mindset and advocating minimal government at the best of times are seen to be terrorists. Who would not support the state while it looks after us? We need to shut them up or others might start thinking the same way.

Lately most of the citizens recognise they are being scammed, too many dates have been exceeded, lies identified and we have done a bit more investigating and read the dissenters and their words ring true. Plus, they now recognise that many social justice policies, although they sound right are absolutely crap and are not working and need to be changed but change is one thing that government does not do well. The government, lumbering juggernaut it is still pushes ahead because it can’t see a way to change and has now has grown so big it can’t survive without the taxes and with its social justice policies it has now broken the bank. It can’t survive without borrowing and putting debt on our heads. Anyone that questions the agenda needs to be slapped down and forced to conform as we could bring the whole thing down while they are still slowly attempting to adapt. The State is Mother, the State is Father as it follows the policies put in place all those years ago in Russia to control the people.

So, now we have another threat as we slowly phase out the Climate Scam; islam. The muslims are the latest devil incarnate and not only do they not care one iota for Western lives they don’t seem to care much for their own, or their children’s lives either. Their entire culture is as it was 1400 years ago and it has not progressed one bit since. We now need to give up a few more freedoms to contain this threat and with the social justice warriors dictating that all they need is a cuddle and someone to love them we invite them over here to live where they promptly disappear into a ghetto based closely on their home culture but in modern facilities, such as toilets, which they don’t know how to use, and we pay them with benefits that you and I put aside for a rainy day via national insurance. At the point of a gun may I add. Again, dissent is controlled under laws for political correctness and people are sent to jail for heinous crimes such as telling the truth about islam.

Islamaphobia – A made up word so you can prosecute people for telling the truth.

In reality a sensible stance to take when dealing with muslims.

For the record a phobia is an irrational fear of something, in this case islam. There are several perfectly good reasons to fear islam and its crazy followers so nothing irrational there.

If you borrowed too much, banks would stop lending and your assets would be confiscated and sold. You may even go to jail.
If a company borrowed too much, banks would stop lending and its assets would be confiscated and sold. The bosses may even go to jail.
If you are a government then keep borrowing, it is just digital money anyway that you are passing around your buddies. You can keep putting off the date for a long time to come so you won’t be here when it goes tits up anyway. The public will be left with the tab whilst you retire to a nice gold plated pension and untouchable. Well, by legal means anyway.

Some sort of adjustment is due and the longer it takes to make the bigger the impact. Like almost everything, what is a little issue can fester until it becomes fatal. At what stage we start to do something makes a big difference. Nobody seems to be doing anything so we prepare just in case.

So, now most preppers are preparing for a societal collapse compounded with the fact that our own citizens, islamic sleepers as well as SJWs, are no longer to be trusted and would be out to kill us. Caused by several things all tied to the social justice agendas of those in power. Our eyes are fully open and we now know what we need to do. We are not simply planning to camp out for a month or so and think everything will be there. We know that unless something drastic is done when it goes it will result in losses beyond imagination and we want to make sure that our families are not part of those losses. We recognise that some things may never return and prepare for an old style lifestyle. The general public just thinks that the government will sort it out. After all the UK, USA, etc. are all too big to fail. That is what the Romans thought too.

We will try and cover all our bases and make sure that we survive but life is funny. There are no guarantees and despite decades of prepping it can all go wrong without us being able to do anything about it. However, prepping means that your chances are dramatically increased. No guarantees though.

Ironically, the people in the best place to survive are the muslims. Living the way they do they don’t really need modern society and are less impacted by its collapse. Large groups of nutters out to annihilate us is all we really need while we try and survive. Thank you useless governments.

So, we whinge and whine and we spread the stories around to others on the chance that we can push through change before the whole thing collapses around us. Even after changes it may still be bad but it might yet be recoverable. We can only hope. If not though by prepping we maximise our chances no matter what happens even a worst case scenario.

Nobody knows what the future will hold as there are so many potential changes. Fingers crossed the right decisions are made, or we have a coup. That sounds like a good way forward.

1 comment to How Things Change

  • Fred

    Preppers, being of a libertarian mindset and advocating minimal government at the best of times are seen to be terrorists.

    Certainly subversive. Not embracing the Great Lie by your gummint is a terrible thing, innit? Gets you crucified, that does.

    I’ve thought about a lot of the prepping that’s been done – fine, perimeter fences and weapons, ditches, water tanks underground, hidden locations.

    All that’s fine and you may have fallen off the grid even, but they still have you on file and will come looking, with weapons to overwhelm yours.

    You have a place in the country in the mountains, bristling with defences, food and water for two years – along come the drones with their armour piercing and that’s that.

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