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I despair with our species. I really do. It isn’t just the fact that what is basic common sense seems to be missing from most of us it is the fact that we are legally obligated to protect these total dickheads from themselves. So that when I am giving advice to someone about anything I can be held liable if they do something stupid because they are simply too dumb to understand the consequences of what they are doing.

Many of the things we suggest or discuss on the Survival UK suite of sites have an element of risk of some sort. If we are dealing with peanuts then it is obvious to everyone that nuts are involved so why should I have to put ‘WARNING – May contain nuts’ May? What is going on here? Anyone that is allergic to peanuts and eats something labelled as a peanut surely is doing the planet a favour by effectively committing suicide. Why do we need a warning label on that?

Darwin had a theory where dumb people need to be removed from the gene pool for us to advance. (Perhaps that wasn’t how he put it 🙂 ) In this modern PC driven world we are allowing the dumb ones to survive and these breed and are the idiots that become SJWs. Too dumb to understand things that kids knew only 40 years ago but protected in a little cocoon by legislation. Sure, it keeps people alive but at a significant impact on us as a species. IQ dramatically lowered and a species that put men on the moon and has harnessed the atom for power needs written instructions that a packet of peanuts contains nuts. No wonder no progress has been made for decades. What is going to happen when many can’t read? Wait, they already have a solution they will simply ban it. Stock up on peanuts as they will soon be registered as a poison.

Now it makes sense that if I mix ingredient X with ingredient Y and both of them ingredients are harmless by themselves but together create something dangerous that I should include a warning of some sort somewhere. But if the article is labelled ‘How to create a toxic gas’ which then goes on to say mix ingredient X with ingredient Y then I think the warning is already in place. How much spelling out do you need? If the article is ”How to make sparkling wine from cow pats’ and I have to mix ingredient X with ingredient Y I should include a warning that it creates a dangerous gas. Not everyone understands what is going on in all cases and there is an obligation to point out what is not obvious.

I do question the sanity of people that go searching the internet for articles such as ‘How to make a compound explosive’ and then they die or even worse get hurt when an explosion happens and the blame is on the writer of the article all because it doesn’t contain a disclaimer or warning that an explosive can, err… explode and injure someone.

My personal belief is that adults that do stupid things are doing the world a favour. Removing their defective genes from the gene pool, raising the IQ of our species and reducing the load on our ecosystem is their gift to us and should be celebrated.

So to keep it simple.

Everything written on this site can lead to death, loss of limbs, sight, hearing, digits, puncture wounds, poisoning and broken bones not just on yourself but anyone you are close too or have met, looked at or thought about in the last 25 years or have other detrimental impacts on your lives and anyone you are close too which may include someone suing you or persecution by the authorities leading to imprisonment, massive fines in the trillions of pounds and you losing contact with your family and other loved ones. You may be extradited by a bureaucrat of any state on the planet, usually the US but not limited to them, by mere allegation, forcibly taken to a country where you will be tortured, have every single one of your rights removed, imprisoned for years without any evidence or a trial and then, if you live long enough, released with no compensation.

All this because you have read a single digit from a single article on this site.

If you do not understand any of this or are unwilling to accept the warning above then click here where you will be taken to the TV guide. Goodbye and don’t forget to take care whilst doing anything at all.

Interesting note I looked for some crafts for kids to put in the link and every one I found had scissors, twine or something that needed adult involvement in the making of. Many had no warning. I was shocked I tell you. That left TV if they ain’t dumb enough to eat the batteries in the remote although an adult could set it up and then leave them with it. Best I could do.

On the other hand if you accept that I am giving advice here that could be dangerous and should be checked and verified or should be performed with care then enjoy some of the more interesting articles on this site. All are there to help you and should be considered in your own personal circumstances. I don’t know if you have kids or kids visit your garden. So when I talk about putting sharp things in these places common sense should make you say ‘I can’t do this as my kids will get it’. Bleeding obvious and should be your responsibility. Plus it makes sense for everyone to check some of the more advanced articles with other sites as sometimes the level gone into here is at a basic level intended as a starter to get it on your radar and more advanced information is available elsewhere on the Interweb thingy.

5 comments to Disclaimer

  • Northern Raider

    I see the Daily Mail this very day is running a story about methods of torture, death and evil weapons including the chemical formula for making chemical weapons, You just know some half wit will try and make some in their kitchen and the ban everything brigade will be suitably outraged that the DM did a historical article.

    Its like the anti gun anti knife lobby, they demand legally owned guns are banned and dangerous knives are banned even though its ILLEGALLY held guns responsible for most gun crime and DOMESTIC knives and garden tools used in most knife crime.

  • Fred

    Why do I get this feeling that something has happened to you this week. 🙂

  • Lightspeed and Raider

    Good try SD, but the brevity of the article leads me to believe that while doing your best to disclaim everything to everyone, that this document was not drafted reviewed and honed to legal perfection by a suitably qualified legal professional. You see that unless such documents bear a pukka legal stamp, and in preference are also fully Notarised, they are good for nothing.

    If you see the error of your ways and need a suitably drafted document, I and my colleagues will be happy to prepare something that meets your needs, and can do so for a reassuringly expensive fee.

    Happy to pluck you like a chicken whenever you are ready.

    Faithfully yours,

    Lightspeed & Raider
    Attorneys at Law


    • Skean Dhude

      Right again. Lawyers were the most hated profession until politicians took the title and it wasn’t because lawyers improved. The first real group to make a living where there is no need for them.

  • MaryN

    Had a bad week, SD? Very funny article, and so true!

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