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Finally found a suitable bit of land

After several years of looking for just the right place, a home from home far enough away to make it a BOL but near enough to home that I can get there easy enough, I have found a nice plot.

I’ve made an offer on it, five acres of woodland out behind a dirt track about five miles away from my home in sunny Cheshire. More expensive than I wanted to pay but it is ideal and there really isn’t that much going in the area so prices are at a premium.


Plenty of room for my Bees, Chickens and all the other stuff I have in my back garden.

So it’s all about waiting now. Last time I was presumptuous and was over confident about a bit of land and I ended up with items stuck in my path that I couldn’t use because I was gazzumped at the last minute. Being careful this time.

12 comments to Finally found a suitable bit of land

  • straight shooter

    Looks great SD i hope you get it pal ….good luck !

  • Devonian

    Fingers crossed for you!!

    It’s never easy buying land in the UK. We were gazumped when purchasing our woods, but we then gazumped those gazumping us and luckily secured it with a higher offer, but the system we have in the UK really does suck.

    So good luck!

  • Lightspeed

    Fingers crossed for you SD. Looks great.

    In the here and now it’ll be a great firewood resource too

  • bigpaul

    good luck SD, i’m still looking for mine.

  • Fred

    Looks very nice indeed, nice place for a barbecue. Or bees. Or even truffles.

  • Skean Dhude

    Thanks for that. Fingers crossed. I’ve just found out that buying land is similar to buying a house. The Stasi want to know where the cash came from before they even start to move. Plus lots of searches and other things that add up the bill. No Stamp Duty though so that is a plus. Been told it can take 8 weeks to process depending on how quickly people respond.

    The Bees, BBQ and chicken will be on there are the ink is drying. Planning for mushrooms though. Looked at Truffles and may have a go sometime but lots to do before then.

  • MaryN

    Fingers crossed for you SD. Yes, buying land is classed as conveyancing and all normal rules apply. Be prepared to prove who you are – it’s all about money laundering and identity.

  • Northern Raider

    So thats where you are going to bury the bodies eh? 🙂

  • Skean Dhude

    NR, Already got a few plots put aside for when the law breaks down.

  • Fred

    Need to hire a digger for that.

  • LupusAlpha

    Nice patch. Be careful of sneaky clauses tied in with the land sale (pic looks like one I viewed recently, also in Cheshire 😉 ) but when the law falls it won’t really matter I guess. Great posts btw, and the kids will love nature the more they experience it.


    • Skean Dhude

      I have looked at some of their woods and the clauses are only a problem if you want to make a living from the land. I don’t and if anything happened then the clauses are worthless anyway.

      I would have been happy buying a wood with clauses in it as long as it fits my criteria.

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