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Building the future from scratch.

Although it isn’t my land yet I went up there over the weekend to have a look around and consider where I wanted to put things.

I took the kids with me as the intent is to let them get involved and I wanted to see what they thought. They loved it with plans to build rabbit hutches and flower beds and they were even picking spots they likes for a wooden den. The eldest even was looking for a spot for a horse which I put her straight on.

While they were looking around I was looking around as well and I found several big chestnut trees with a large amount of opened chestnuts on the floor. Thinking they would be excited like I would have been at their age I shouted them over and pointed them out. What are those? they asked. My flabber was gasted.

When I was a kid chestnuts, or the more common name, conkers were prized and very much sought after. The kids equivalent of gold and worth much more than sweets. Kids even risked life and limb to get hold of good conkers. Yet they had no idea what they were.

I see I have a long way to go before the kids are truly one with nature.

On the plus side I understand the searches are due back next week. The longest wait is nearly over and then we should be into exchanging contracts.

2 comments to Building the future from scratch.

  • Midnitemo

    The kids not being clued up on cookers is a good thing! in my day every kid within a 5 mile radius would have known about these tree’s and would have been paying them regular visits in the run up to and during conker season, just think would that would do to your opsec lol

  • Fred

    Make sure you get ’em playing conkers. They need to be swung really hard.

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