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Somewhere to call a home.

Although not really a home as such but I’ve finally got my land sorted out. I’m now the proud owner of five acres of woodlands in the middle of Cheshire. It’ll be my little home from home.


It may not look like much but I’ve got plans for it. It’s a bit out of the way and not readily visible from the road which is a big plus. I’ve driven past it hundreds of times on my way to Wales and never even noticed it. So it should be off most peoples maps which suits me fine.

I’ve started moving some of the stuff I have in the back garden to here and although I will keep a few things here for convenience most of it will be going.

I’m making plans already. First, I’ll be moving the bees. Nice new home and also splitting the hives to increase the number of hives I have. They won’t disturb anyone up there if they swarm and there will be more for them to forage out in the country. Right next to fields with crops.

Next up is moving the chickens and procuring a rooster. I’ve just ordered a large cage and keeping them in that. Long term plan is to have a few of those cages with different livestock in. Considering ducks and something else, not sure yet but nothing that needs registration. Don’t want the Stasi up there.

I’ll also build up the fruit and veg areas. A few raised beds dotted around the place for the veg and a few open areas for the fruit. Already got a few that I can move up now but want to expand and grow a lot more. Just ordered two big polytunnel cages that were going half price.

Just bought a chainsaw and all the safety gear to remove some of the trees that are clearly going to be in my way. Seems a lot of cash for something I won’t be using all that much but such is life. I may use it more later when I get settled.

In the meantime I’m measuring it all up so I can plan where everything is going. Kids are having great fun running around finding hidey holes and dirt. So far my plan to use them as slaves and lug a few things around is failing miserably.

I’ve even driven down one of the ditches, two days in and stuck in a hole so that I needed towed out. The paths need a bit of work. The land has not been looked after for a long time. I’m now looking for a cheap JCB as part of my plans. Can do a lot with a JCB including not getting stuck in ditches.

I’ll post some pics as it progresses so you can see what is going on. First up, the bees will be getting moved. Found a great spot and putting down some paving slabs now. Weather ain’t too good though which is making the path worse and putting a dent in my plans for spending time there due to the kids but there is no rush.

9 comments to Somewhere to call a home.

  • Northern Raider

    If you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise,
    If you go down to the woods today you will never believe your eyes.
    For Skeane Dhude the Sugar Puff bear has bought some boots and cut of his hair,
    Cos Dhude has gone and joined the skin heads.

  • Fred

    Breaking into song on a prepper site requires strangulation with piano wire, NR.

  • Northern Raider

    Fred Y’know these teen horror movies where bunches of teens go camping in a remote cabin in the dark dark woods, and they start getting bumped off one by one……………………………………………………:) Guess what Skeanes favourite movie genre is?.

  • Fred

    That man frightens me sometimes. He once suggested I go see his land. Plus he bought a chainsaw. No kidding.

  • spacemunkey

    Good luck!

    Just in time for the weather, you’re going to be extremely busy!

    I know this is my dream and you’ve managed to realise it.

    all the best.

  • lightspeed

    The woodland looks great SD. Congratulations.

    Re the chainsaw: With 5 acres of woodland, something tells me that you are definitely going to get your money’s worth out of the kit you purchased.

  • Devonian

    Congratulations SD, looking forward to seeing the photo’s.

    Something tells me that any spare time you planned on having this summer has just been blown away!!

  • Rocks

    If you want a cheap, reliable food source, try quail mate

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