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EU Referendum

As we get closer to the EU referendum in June we are seeing all sorts of claims by the traitors on remain as to what is likely to happen when we leave ranging from WWIII by that useless git Cameron to costs of £1500 a year increases in the cost of living from the bean counters. Those same bean counters that predicted a growth rate in 2016 of and then revised it down and only a few months later another downward change. They really are accurate prophets and only in politics can they actually class themselves as the experts in this area with such an abysmal record.

In my view the single most important reason for leaving the EUSSR is immigration. We can reduce the intake of invaders to what we want and we do not have to accept any quotas from the politburo.

Even if nothing else changes, the millions per day we give to the EU and the stupid regulation on banana straightness and the pending legislation that the EU is holding back until after the referendum is enacted by the bunch of traitorous clowns we call our government that one reason is enough.

I think our government actually loves the legislation that is created. It gives them a reason to tax us and fine us so they will likely keep a lot of it or replace it with stupid legislation of our own to match but at least we will get the ability to vote them out and make our voices heard on every aspect of the changes.

In addition the people are waking up all over the world people are rebelling against the professional political class and voting for nationalist parties. So when Cameron and his ilk are out we are likely to see nationalist parties take over and start to make the changes we want in the world.

For the US trump seems to be that step. For us and the rest of Europe Brexit will be that step. We won’t get another chance before it collapses under its own weight and I believe that the UK voting out may trigger that collapse earlier than it would because our funding is critical to keep it afloat.

Make sure you make the right choice for you and your family for the next few generations and vote for Out. It makes sense to everyone in the UK except the politicians who can see the trough being removed and the gravy train stopping.

11 comments to EU Referendum

  • Timelord

    Voting to leave the EU big business club will be a real big kick up the behind of the political aristocratic elites who have sold us all out to their own gain. The next step will be to find a non elite charismatic leader of genuine integrity who will lead this nation and its people on a different path of national investment and international good relations. The amount of money that should be available to the nation is staggering and would easily pay for all our public services and more plus with a major wealth fund growing year on year. It is simply and fraudulently ridiculous that we are touted as the 5th richest nation on the planet but we are being subjected to sharp austerity. The UK is really run as UK PLC and therefore terms like “rich” are incorrect. The correct term is the 5th highest turnover in the world, BUT wait, we are much further down the list when it comes to official declared revenue to reinvest in the country AND ITS PEOPLE. The discrepancy IS the massive fraud that is the offshore siphoning by the wealthy elites and their political friends family businesses and their campaign contributing giant Corporation friends too. See the link between and the real problem, while the media does a good job of turning sections of the population against each other in the “divide & rule” strategy and political electioneering scam. Stage 1, vote out of the EU. That will halt the Elites plans. Stage 2, Vote for a non Elitist who actually cares and understands the nation. The USA had 50 years of boom time after Eddie Roosevelt “the trust buster” cut the elites down to size. Unfortunately it has now been going the other way for them for decades. Now its time for the UK to have its “Trust Buster” running the show. Heres hoping someone worthy will wear that mantle soon.

  • iaaems

    Personally, I feel that leaving the E.U. would be a sensible move.
    Last time we voted on this issue we were told that we might be joining to enable easier trading. We now appear to be involved in something that is far more complex than that without the approval of the general population. How this has happened I am unable to say – except that Politicians were involved and in my opinion they are an untrustworthy breed.
    Can we trust what each ‘side’ is telling/selling us? I think not, generally speaking.
    It is up to each and everyone of us to make up our own minds on this issue.
    More importantly, however, it is up to each and everyone of us who is so registered to go and vote for what we believe to be the right thing to do on the day.
    In my opinion a turn out of less than 60% will indicate total apathy on the subject and not be at all representational and therefore have no real meaning.
    Please vote.

  • straight shooter

    Well …..all over Wales , all i hear is OUT ….with a vengeance…we have had enough of the shit from unelected bureaucrats ….we cannot even vote out !.

    Even if you own the main media and control what you want them to say….or not say….THIS will NOT cut it THIS time, there is an overwhelming desire to get the fuck OUT of the mess of this failed endeavour , and its not just us here in the UK , voices all around the EU want out.

    I want my country back, i want GB back in control of its boarders, but most of all i want the simplest of things A FEW HONEST MEN AND WOMEN TO RUN THINGS.

    As for David Cameron,s scaremongering WW3 and the rest of we will be worse off nonsense ….i have news dave …..we are already headed there….and YOU are on the tiller ……PAY no attention to IDIOTS do you know i get more sense listening to cows farting in the field opposite …..but at least they use their arse not their mouths

  • Northern Raider

    So according to Sky News it turns out that we are currently deporting Indian medical audio specialists even though we are short of them, and we are deporting fully employed highly talented Australian Concert Pianists among other skills people because they dont earn more than £35K a year. But we are welcoming ever more unemployable eastern European pick pockets, robbers, rapists and thieves because they are EU members. Lets have some common sense please and vote LEAVE
    its pretty damn clear the EU along with the remains are deliberately trying to change the voter demographics like LABOUR did by importing millions of migrants from the EU who will always vote in favour of the EU. Even if we built millions the migrants would still need tax payer subsidised council housing and OUR youngsters would still remain at the back of the housing queue. Its an invasion by stealth using migrants and lawyers imstead of tanks and guns. VOTE OUT
    Turns out that Sam Camerons dad Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, receives eye-watering sums of money from Brussels to help fund the upkeep of his sprawling Lincolnshire estate.
    The aristocrat, who is the father of Samantha Cameron, is just one of a number of wealthy landowners who get huge pots of cash paid out by the EU’s controversial Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
    thats why DC is so keen to sell us out to the EU
    Yeah like the EU did a GREAT job in keeping the peace in Bosnia, Marvelous in not triggering a war in the UK, Preventing other EU countries from arming Argentina, Stopping the IRA and ETA, and of course its done a superb job controlling its borders and keeping Islamists out……………………………………………Oh Wait…………………… VOTE OUT for better security
    £17Billion TRUE cost

    Look at previous attempts to create on super European state and the type of people leading it Emperor Nero, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Nikita Khrushchev, Is THAT what you want ?
    Never known a German leader who supports DEMOCRACY, from the Kaiser to the little Corporal to Komrade Merkel, Her campaign using lawyers instead of soldiers to create a greater European super state under German diktat continues unabated.
    Merkel has done more damage to Europe in the last 2 years than the Kaiser and Little Corporal did in 25 years.
    Merkel is just Erik Hoenikers protege, and the EU is going to become the EUSSR.
    Ever wondered why Europhiles like Cameron, Brown, Blair etc have hacked our military forces to pieces, just look at their idol Angela Merkel. They have ensured their is no military opposition to Merkels plans for an EUSSR.

  • Fred

    Too angry to even comment on it today. Parties have to be taken apart, nothing else will do.

  • S13

    During WW2 millions of people died fighting against dictatorship. Read the Red House Report. No more needs to be said.

  • bigpaul.

    its strange, I have seen loads of LEAVE placards all over the westcountry, but not one single remain placard. don’t they have any or are they complascent? anyway i’m out.

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