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The EU referendum

We won. It’s been a hard slog but worth it. Thanks to all that supported Brexit.

It’s now over to our useless politicians to sort out the exit strategy. First of all though we need to get rid of Cameron and Osbourne. We want to move on lead by people who believe in the UK as a stand alone country and not those who will screw up negotiations just to say ‘I told you so’ although not Boris please as he and Cameron are peas from the same plant.

We were really fighting on three fronts. Those that wanted to remain because the seen benefits in the EU, those that wanted to leave because they didn’t and those that were frightened so much by Project Fear that they were too scared of the unknown. The leave crowd overcame both of those and that shows the feelings in the country.

Project Fear came so close and even now there are many really emotional about it. I’ve had crying and denial. It is almost as if a loved one has died. Project Fear has ensured it is going to take some time before a large portion of this country are comfortble with the situation and I’m expecting appeal and a call for a new referendum as this one was so close. These people only understand Democracy when they get their way.

If there is a new referendum, as the EU loves to repeat until it gets the vote it wants, then that will prove to the whole of the EU that voting is irrelevant, you can’t get out that way and I think that it is a very dangerous statement to make at this time as there are not that many alternative options.

3 comments to The EU referendum

  • Fred

    Now it’s been shown to be a fraud, can’t see any second referendum.

  • Mike

    Fred, while I accept the result of a democratic vote I would like to say that I voted to remain, I foresee further changes down the road while Britain is leaving the EU. A second Scottish referendum on independence and a rise of nationalism in some parts of Wales are quite likely.The economic repercussions are going to be unclear for some time but some people will gain while others lose. (Same old story)
    What I would really like to say in my first reply to one of your posts is that “life is what you make of it”. If we can all stop whining and get on with doing what we do to the best of our abilities without all the blame games then we can make a real go of this new situation. Adapt and survive.

  • iaaems

    A good turn out and, in my opinion, a positive result.
    However, it would seem that although this is the will of the people our elected representatives do not ‘have’ to abide by it and proceed as we wish. I stand to be corrected on this point.
    All the current squabbling and turmoil in the parties does not help in this regard.
    Generally speaking I think that we will have to wait and see and act accordingly.
    I have to agree with the above – life is what you make of it, adapt and survive.

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