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Don’t expect too much help from others

In my final comment about the socialist disaster that is Venezuela I would just like to point out a couple of points that I think many have missed and we need to consider.

First thing is that when things started to go wrong the politicians all over the world who could clearly see what was going on went quiet. Even the ones that are not socialist scum have been very quiet. Those that are simply carried on pushing socialism in their own country and simply stopped mentioning the socialist paradise that was Venezuela. They didn’t have the right stuff. Our way is still OK. Not one thought of raising the issue and discuss what could be done about it. No help from them.

Over in Venezuela their politicians simply carried on as before and when things started to come off the tracks did they fix it? No, they simply made legislation that forced shops to sell their product at less than it cost them to make or buy it and closed ranks. In effect making the small businesses support a failed policy. This led to businesses collapsing and everything moving to the black market. Politicians don’t care about anything between elections. Staying firmly on their failed ideology even though it was clear their policies weren’t working and things were getting worse with no solution on the radar. No help from them.

Next up we have the World Order infrastructure, organisations like the UN who although they do not ignore it completely, publishing reports and stats, don’t shout out the situation. The politicians wouldn’t like it and the bureaucrats in these organisations are all lefties anyway so don’t want to make too much of a fuss. They too don’t want to point out the failed state as they are still selling their global socialist agenda based along similar lines. What are a few deaths when utopia is their end goal. No help from them.

Then we have our usual quislings, the MSM, they should be shouting this to the world but are instead hiding the stories and burying the news from there. In effect they are supporting this and have not a care about the toll on human lives. I blame the media for the current state of the world. Their most important role was to keep us informed about what is going on and they have failed miserably in this by siding with our politicians and covering up and lying about what politicians are up to. Scumbags. By not doing their jobs there is no help from anyone as most don’t know about it.

Because nobody really knows about what is going on, just ask your friends what they know, nothing will be done until Venezuela collapses big time over some unrelated issue such as a storm or epidemic, which the whole situation can then be blamed on, and at that point there will be calls to help and we are expected to put our hands in our pockets to help it recover. If only they were black or muslim we would be already be helping them but being mainly Christian and basically Western they are on their own.

Closer to home though we aren’t quite as bad as that as we roll out a police state where telling the truth via twitter or putting bacon on a door handle gets you a prison sentence but committing crimes of violence gets you a warning and a slap on the wrist. However we have enough socialism here as well as enough debt to threaten our economies too. A Venezuelan situation could easily be here.

So if anything happens don’t expect anyone else to come to your aid. Your future depends on what you have set up and the contacts you have made to prepare for this. Don’t skimp on the assumption that you will get help from others.

Make sure you do what you need for you and your families future. It is all on you.

4 comments to Don’t expect too much help from others

  • expect no help from anyone else, look how long it took the govt to get its finger out when the Somerset Levels flooded, and they were ill equipped anyway, they had to send to Holland for the pumps and the engineers to run them.
    trust no one, desperate people will attack you for your last chicken leg or tin of corned beef. be aware and be alert.

  • Fred

    Very, very true. Not just on our own but with gummint, Westminster [EU] connivingly working against us, placing obstacles in our path.

  • Ysbryd

    Regional governments have departments that plan for disaster resiliency, unfortunately they are usually staffed by ex plod, (just waiting to retire) and work within the confines of budgets or grants. Their main purpose is to liaise between Military, Environment agency, Civillian emergency services and Government. Because of the way these different departments are organised/funded they react with almost tectonic speed ….whereas disasters happen suddenly.
    The reaction time for even predictable problems like the reoccurring flooding in Cumbria was lamentable… plan for worst case scenario, start building an ark.

  • Ysbryd

    Btw, there is actually a disaster resiliency plan for a zombie virus epidemic that started out as an exercise in planning…. but they get a little sensitive if you ask them about it and go quiet

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