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How we need to prepare


Getting the balance right.

After several years of looking at what I should be putting aside for an event and adding to my preps at least something every month I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be ready.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t think I will be unprepared it just means that I don’t feel I will have the perfect balance that I am striving for.

The issues for me are simple;

  • I know that my preps are only to enable a smooth transition from the current situation to the new situation.
  • I do not know what the event will be.
  • I do not know when the event will occur, if at all.
  • I am not rich but I am reasonably well off.

This means that;

  • I do not know what I need to put aside.
  • I do not know how long I have to prepare.
  • I must prepare slowly and make best use of my resources, time and money.

Therefore as previously stated I have looked at all the events that can occur, looked at each one I think is likely and which ones are survivable then added that to my list of risks which I prepare for. I’ve then listed everything I need, and it is a lot and prioritised them.

Obviously Water, Food and medical supplies were high on the list but no point having 2 million litres of water and no food so I bought a little water, a water filter, some food, some medical supplies, some clothes, a couple of tools and over the years I have bought what I wanted plus a million other things to cover what I thought would happen. Many of the items were for specific threats such as NBC terror attacks and over the years, I’ve been prepping a long time and I have amassed a lot of equipment and spent thousands of pounds. I have everything I was looking for plus some things I have not thought about.

Now I am in a comfortable position I find that I am still looking at what I have and still adding things here and there. Every now and again I’ll buy some extra water, food, clothes and the odd tool. Still adding medical supplies because you can never have enough of them. I’m still adding and refining my balance but know I won’t finish until I am forced to.

Living is a socialist police state I find that I am restricting in acquiring some of the items that are necessary, I can’t get firearms, ammunition, a lot of the medical stuff I would like like antibiotics and other medicines and what radios I can use without a licensing process. I also need to register and report if I want pigs or goats, hooved animals have to be monitored. I’m legally limited in what I can do to my own property, how much fuel I can store, what containers it has to be in and even how many aspirin I can purchase as just a couple of the many restrictions that restrict what we can do to prepare. Hopefully as our society changes with brexit and our immigrants then some of that will change although it is unlikely with May now able to introduce more of her long sought after police state.

2 comments to Getting the balance right.

  • Fred

    True, you may never be ‘ready’, whatever that means, but you are a hell of a way down the track and that’s not to be sneezed at.

  • Ysbryd

    You’re spot on when you mention all the legislation getting in the way of prepping, luckily as smallholders and small volume producers we get by under the radar of everyone except the local authority. We have just had a new Chief Constable so I’ll need to wait and see if he’s better or worse then the last one. (I’ll apply for a variation and find out)
    The antibiotics are no problem, I have three friendly doctors who owe me favours, one of whom is also a prepper.
    I doubt that I’m as well prepared to defend against NBC or terror attacks as you are SD but I’m well set up for off grid self sufficiency. My home falls outside the range of Russia’s largest thermonuclear weapons if they’re dropped on my nearest city (truthfully it could only improve Hereford) and the catchment area for my water supply is in the opposite direction.

    Our own government probably pose the greatest threat to my wellbeing and security.

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