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New Online Tools

As many of you are aware there is a backlash going on all over the West against the current political systems and people are rebelling. Brexit, the EU referendums in other countries and hopefully Trump are examples of this. Everyone knows Trump isn’t Presidential material but he is getting the backing because the others are happy with the status quo as it keeps their noses in the trough.

What you may not know is that there is a significant backlash against the PC society and SJW scum in general and this is causing some interesting developments in the IT area.

First of all, Gab, it is a twitter replacement, has all the functionality of Twitter with none of the censorship or hand wringing. It is available now but beware there is a big list of applicants being processed and it will take a few weeks, at this point, to be added. You won’t find these cooperating with the government without legal pressure.

Next up is Infogalactic, this is a Wikipedia replacement which is being set up follow specific rules, or canons as they call it, which are defined here. Infogalactic is already there in its base form although still under development and here is a roadmap of the work they are doing to add interesting functionality to it.

There are others on the way. Leave the SJWs to their own safe rooms so they can hold each others hands while we discuss things in a reasonable grown up manner.

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