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How we need to prepare


UK Based Survival Novels on Kindle

I know some survival novels can be good and others bad, also many are American and be a problematic to follow. There are exceptions like Earth Abides and Wolf and Iron.

There are some good lesser known books that are only available in paper and then some if only you can find them and pay […]

What Reference Material do you need?

Building up a reference library for an unknown event is not easy. Nor knowing what is going to happen means that you have to cater for everything that you consider likely. This expands the type and number of reference material that you want but as we are looking at dropping back 200 years in time […]

Keeping track of your preps

I think anyone who is prepping has storage problems. Either they do not have the space to store everything they need or the have stored everything in a haphazard way. I know I have both those issues.

I have several large jerry cans full of fuel. Every now and again I fill the cars up […]


After an event that lasts more than a few months we will find that our equipment will slowly start to fail. This means that within ten to fifteen years having access to a computer will be a rare thing. So at first we may have access to our files on computer but we cannot rely […]