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Processing Acorns

Been a very good year for acorns this year and while we were out walking through the local woods I’ve been given instructions to pick up berries, nuts and flowers for a school project. So we had a small bucket for collecting into. After a while we came across a nice Oak at one of […]

Living on the breadline

We are adaptable. When we can afford the best food and all the extras we are happy to spend the money and live that way. When our income is reduced we reduce the quality and the items we purchase to adapt. If our income reduces even more we repeat the process until we reach the […]

Our daily bread

As part of my interest in self reliance I like having a look at things from the ground up so to speak. How you create the final result from raw materials yourself will be required after any significant event.

So one, of the many, things I don’t know much about is the simple process of […]

Real Mayonnaise

I was surprised to find that mayonnaise lasts forever in an unopened jar. Ideal to add to our stored goods.

However, mayonnaise shouldn’t last that long as it contains eggs. Products containing eggs don’t last that long normally so is it something that is put in it?

American recipe Mix 100ml of sunflower oil and […]