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How we need to prepare


Eggs and more eggs

The chickens are still laying like little machines so I’m getting quite a few eggs still. So many that despite being the supplier to my parents and well as the kids I’m getting fed up with eggs. Egg overload. There is now a little pile of eggs and more being added daily.

So I had […]


Pickling is a favourite method for storing food and has been for a long time. But pickling with premade vinegar is quite a new thing and vinegar is quite time consuming to make reliably in a post disaster world. This is some information on salt based pickles which use salt and water to regulate microbiological […]

Prepping without a TARDIS

A major issue and a hot topic of conversation for all preppers is storage space. Until the time comes when the invent a storage room like the TARDIS from Dr Who then we will always be fighting for more space and looking for ideas for making better use of our existing space.

I’ve live in […]

Keeping track of your preps

I think anyone who is prepping has storage problems. Either they do not have the space to store everything they need or the have stored everything in a haphazard way. I know I have both those issues.

I have several large jerry cans full of fuel. Every now and again I fill the cars up […]