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How we need to prepare


NorthWest RV

Now I’m getting back in the saddle I was thinking it was about time we had another RV for the NW crowd.

So I’m arranging a get together on the 7th June 2015, venue is near Chester.

On the Agenda is; Boat building. We can look at a Boat currently being build by one of […]

Herbal Training at NW Meet

Another interesting meet.

Started with TimeLord talking about Shotguns and that advantages of the smaller gauges, 20G or .410. The advantages of reloading your own shotgun shells in those gauges and why your should consider these options.

Then we went on to Ken Eames for his Herbal course.

First we made a few Tinctures. Passion […]

General Catch Up

I’ve been finding it a bit difficult finding subjects I know enough about to talk about so I’ve decided that I’m going to go into my preps a little more and explain what I’m up to and why. There is only so much you can talk about before you repeat yourself and I’ve been repeating […]

Status Update

Well, I have finally finished moving all the sites from 1&1 to a couple of other ISPs to spread the risk of them being down due to political or ISP incompetency. I’m now going to have more time for the site.

To be honest though I’m a bit disappointed that the articles I was promised […]