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How we need to prepare


Solar Panel Project

I’ve got two weeks off work and I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do with my Solar panels so it is time to start my first solar project.

As you may remember I have 2 120W panles, a 20A controller and 2 125Ah deep cycle batteries. I also have a 300W invertor but for […]

Moving closer to your goal

In our prepping we tend to stick with what is comfortable with. We put aside what we eat, what we use and we try and keep out world from collapsing immediately. We just want to keep hold of what we have even if it is a false construct.

It won’t last though. We just can’t […]

Home Update

Chickens first.

The chickens have slipped into our lives so smoothly it is like they have been there forever. They are no hassle. It is funny watching them come running up to you the way they do when they think you have food. Still getting six eggs a day and they eat anything so all […]

Trying out Solar Panels

We are just getting into summer, although you may not think so after the disapointing day today, and it is an ideal time to start your experimentation with Solar Panels. I may have electrical experience in the past but this branch of electrickery is quite new and yet so integral to any technological footprint after […]