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How we need to prepare


Looking for something flexible for security

Scythe13 sent me a link to an Instructable to set up an off grid camera beacon. This looks very good for monitoring remote locations providing that you are within radio range or can set up a relay point to forward the images. This includes a camera and tranmittor as well as power for the units.


New Year Catch Up – Round Up

As you can see I visited all the aspects of my prepping starting from the basics and then looked at what could be improved. I ended up with a list of what I want to do next;

Here is the list which I generated from my thoughts over the planning period.

Install CCTV for use […]

The New Year Lull

I don’t know about you but after Christmas and New Year I just potter about for a week or so before I get myself out of the lethargy created by good food, good company and being away from work. It takes that long after my return to work for me to take a look around […]

Solar Panel Project

I’ve got two weeks off work and I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do with my Solar panels so it is time to start my first solar project.

As you may remember I have 2 120W panles, a 20A controller and 2 125Ah deep cycle batteries. I also have a 300W invertor but for […]