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How we need to prepare



First of all typhus should not be confused with typhoid, they are two entirely different things. Also, there are quite a few types of typhus in circulation, this article deals with the most serious, epidemic typhus which is spread by the body louse – Pediculus corporis.

This little louse is closely related to the head […]

Looking after yourself

Simply making sure you are well fed and watered isn’t necessarily going to keep you nice and healthy. You have to keep yourself and your working areas clean as well. You have to make sure your toilet area is away from your living accommodation and that you sanitise yourself after going to the toilet or […]

Keeping hidden

Whilst you are scraping an existence you need to keep one thing at the back of your mind. OPSEC. You need to be the Grey Man and not be seen. My personal plan is to hide out in my home or near to it, keep my head down and make the place look deserted only […]

Bugging in? Plan your infrastructure now.

I’ve been busy the last few days with general household tasks. I’ve had a replacement boiler put in and I decided to do a few bits of maintenance around the house. The downstairs toilet needed some looking at as well as a couple of leaky taps. The only thing is that when I come to […]