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How we need to prepare


Modern Cars

In the olden days, and it wasn’t that long ago either, things were made to last. Goods your parents or grandparents bought are still workable now if they kept them and didn’t upgrade for the newest shiny thing.

Partly down to the fact that manufacturing processes were not as good and they couldn’t get tolerances […]

Low Tech Electronics

Whilst sorting through my older and uncatalogued non-perishable preps I came across a collection of resistors, capacitors and transistors from my old electronic days. I put them aside because I thought that they would be useful in my preps for electronic tasks such as communications, security systems and a variety of other tasks. Associated with […]

Get Home Vehicles

I note that the trend for BUGGING IN is beginning to dominate preppers plans compared with bugging out, but its the variation in transport that I find interesting.

Naturally when folks were planning on bugging out they made plans and provisions to transport often huge amounts of kit with them to their retreats / places […]

Traffic Jams

Interestingly enough I’m considering that road blockages may not be as bad as we think with cars blocking every road after an event. It is simply understood that the scenes we see on the US films and shows will be fact after almost any event. Why?

Many events we are looking at do not require […]