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How we need to prepare


Contaminated Food

One thing I am starting to get concerned about is all these issues with food that are being raised. Rice with high levels of Lead, beef with additives bad for our health. When I’ve been buying things I like to buy a couple to make sure I get some discounts. However buying that way means […]

Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop To Drink

“Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop To Drink”

So sang Tommy Steele who topped the British charts with the song of the same name, based in part on the Rime of the Ancient mariner in 1957.

Water is a chemical compound and has the formula H2O. It’s liquid at standard temperature and pressure but […]

Keeping yourself alive – Water

As we know Water is probably the single most important commodity we control that we need to live. We can go several days without food, warmth and sleep but only about three days without water. I’m ignoring air for this scenario as we cannot keep nor control the air and anything that takes it away […]

Storing your preps

As our preps rely on us storing things we need to be pretty sure how we are going to do that correctly. Storing things, anything, is not just sticking it in the loft or in the shed and leaving it until we need it. Storing and preserving them for use requires careful handling.

There are […]