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15 Months

Now a lot of you will be saying 15 Months? Where did he get that from?

Well, it is really quite simple. Like all figures with no real science behind it I simply made it up based on my thoughts.

You see I’m looking at a worst case scenario. If an event happens just before winter we will be unable to plant crops or travel very far. So we will be stuck in for three months. Followed by desperate gangs, living on foraging and what they can steal off others for the spring, summer and autumn where pickings from nature will be much easier. The next winter after food and medical supplies run out will kill off most of the remaining survivors who have not prepared or live in a farming area. Then when we come out of that winter we can start. That is a total of 15 months, 456 days. Of course that is the very worst case. Our event may happen June and therefore be shorter than 15 months or we may find that there just isn’t enough for people to forage on and no gangs and so we can start planting earlier. If so that is a bonus, for us, we will have more stores to fall back on if the crops don’t produce or we do not learn quick enough which will increase our odds of survival.

So I’m working on 456 days, 65 weeks, 15 months and if I build up my supplies to last a month, a week or even a day at a time then I’m more than happy knowing I’m doing the best I can.