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This site will help you generate Shopping Lists and To Do Lists from your specific set of risks and concerns. The Get Started Here page, also available via the Toolbar, will walk you through it.

The Forum will help you discuss your issues, learn about how others and tailor your preperations for your situation.

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Contact Database FAQ

The Contact Database is designed to allow contact between our system and users or two users based on one simple criterion, location.

Each user elects to be visible to others. They then select locations where they would be happy to travel to for group meetings, events or simply meet one on one.

When the system is sending out details on a meeting or a get together anyone who has selected that area and agreed to be contacted will be bcc’ed the invite. For example if there is an event in Devon and you have selected Devon as an area you would travel to then you would be sent an invite. If Devon is not selected on your profile then you would not get an automatic invitation.

In addition anyone who is looking for someone local to contact and they have at least one shared area then that persons username will appear on the contact list. The user searching will then have the option of sending a personal message to that person. No emails will be displayed to the sender and the receiver will have the option to ignore the message. If they elect to reply then they can do so via ordinary email and they are now in touch. Job done.

If the system is used for spamming or harrasment then that user will be banned from the system and any email accounts they have disabled.

You also have options to offer help to the Survival UK team for reviewing documents and organising events. If you select these then when something comes up you will be contacted to discuss what you can do. A third option to join a cooperative is also offered, when something happens on that front you will be contacted as well. Finally you can opt to receive site updates. If anything significant happens you will be contacted via email.

As said it is purely a contact database.