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How we need to prepare


Hesperian Foundation Books

The Hesperian book site contains health and medical books for everyone to access and download for free. The latest versions are always available on their site. In addition to free books they also sell hard copies. These require no computers and are small enough to fit in your medical kit. I have a hard copy of ‘Where there is no Doctor’ and ‘Where there is no Dentist’ in my medical kit. Go and buy the books if you can. Note also that some additional statistical files are available from the Hesperian Web site.

Download these files, read and prepare.

A Book for Midwives (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
A Community Guide to Environmental Health (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Disabled Village Children (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Helping Children Who Are Deaf (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Helping Children Who Are Blind (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Safe Handling of Health Care Waste (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Water for Life (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Where there is No Dentist (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Where there is No Doctor (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)
Where Women Have No Doctor (Hesperian Web site) (My Download)