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Reposts from SurvivalBlog

First of all I would like to thank JW Rawles, of SurvivalBlog fame, for allowing me to publish these articles. When I wrote to him explaining that I was setting up a site with a bias to UK prepping he gave me permission to republish 10 of his posts to get me started. A true gentleman sharing in the spirit of helping others. The problem I then had was which 10 out of the thousands he has do I publish? I chose posts that were generic enough to be applicable to the UK and covered the areas I wanted to touch on. There were many more I could have used. Don’t forget to visit his site SurvivalBlog for the rest of his posts.

These are the posts I selected.

1 – Non-Electronic Navigation, by Noil.

2 – Get Your Soil Ready For TEOTWAWKI, by C.J.

3 – Morality When the SHTF, by Kelly A.

4 – Rain Water Collecting and Storage, by Tom C.

5 – TEOTWAWKI Home Dentistry, by Frank J.

6 – Learning Traditional Skills, by R.I.P.

7 – Livestock Breeding and Plant Propagation, by Mike O.

8 – Realistically Raising Chickens for Meat in a Survival Situation, by B.R.

9 – Using the Grain You Have Stored, by Naomi M.

10 – Wheat Germ: Forgotten Super Food for GOOD and Long-Term Storage, by Kitchen Maven.