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Heat Test

This is going to be an interesting one for most of us as it is something we can talk about but you don’t really appreciate until you try. This one is simply for us to turn off the heating. Turn it off on Friday morning as you leave the house for work or turn it off after you have had breakfast and are ready for the day. The heat will disapate during the day. This test includes not using hot water from the tap as well as heating from any equipment plugged into the mains.

When you get home you can only use your preps to supply heat for hot water, food and yourselves. Try this until Sunday evening and see how you go. The usually caveats apply amd I would suggest if anyone clearly is coming down with a chesty cough or similar due to cold then abort the test.

At this time of year with the weather being cold but not the worst it could be it is a good time to test this out. Personally, I don’t feel the cold too much but even I get cold and adapt my practices in this weather. Many people have the heating turned up so high that this will be a good test for them and point out to them that this isn’t really cold. Imagine they were in a tent or out in the open.

I’m not going to suggest ways to keep warm as I’m sure you already know them 😉 and I don’t want to nag. You will work it out and if you are short of something make a note and buy it after the test. The lack of something you want will be an educational tool.