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EMail Forwarding Policy

Processing forwarded emails on our domains

The email forwarding system we provide to allow third parties, you, to use emails associated with our domains uses standard email technology available from the ISP to provide this service.

This means that emails sent to our domains is forwarded via the ISP automatically to your ISP where you download it with your normal email client. It does not touch any Survival UK systems and we do not log or record your emails as they pass through the system. The ISPs may log or record them, I simply don’t know, depending on their policies and the directives from the Stasi.

EMails sent by you using these email addresses go directly from your client, through your ISP, to the recipients and do not touch any Survival UK systems or the Survival UK ISPs systems at any time and, again, are thus not able to be logged or recorded. Again, your ISP, may log or record them, either at their whim or on directives from the Stasi.

At no point does Survival UK see, record or log your emails. We just don’t get anywhere near them.