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Food production

Food is something else we cannot do without. We can only go so long without food before we are unable to function correctly and, eventually, die.

This section is looking at basically producing your own food. Either as a supplement to your existing store bought food or as a complete replacement for store bought and living off the land.

There will be articles on raising chickens, ducks, rabbits etc. as well as articles on raising fish and growing your own vegetables.

Growing your own food has advantages in cost and the improvement in taste over store bought has to be tasted to be believed. There are issues and risks but in the main growing food is one of the easiest things you can do.

Start small, a small area of garden or a window box can be used to grow your first crop. Try herbs, they are easy to grow and when you want some for cooking just cut off what you need and leave the rest to grow back. A packet of herb seeds and compost are an inexpensive investment in what could lead to savings on your monthly food bill.

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