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How we need to prepare


New Year Catch Up – General

With the main part of my plans being around the garden and the home I find I am looking at the remainder of my preps and just keeping them ticking over. I have so much going on I’m in danger of running out of time while I give everything a little bit so progress is […]

Alcohol in preps

A very versatile liquid and one that I recommend we all have is alcohol. It can be bought now in shops but because of the exorbitant taxes put on it by our puritan government it is very expensive to buy. That state will only get worse until, like tobacco, it’ll mainly be bought from the […]

Enhancing your life

At this point in your preps you will have covered most of the critical infrastructure you can. Probably in varying scales of completeness, with your own experiences and prejudices ensuring certain areas are covered to your satisfaction. There are quite a few areas that have not really been looked at which will enhance your life […]

Taking advantage of technology advances

Although I look at using old technology a lot I still believe that technology advances will safe us from many things, Peak oil, asteroid impact, etc. we are an adaptable species and we can adapt to all these issues when we need to. It is only politicians that stand in our way.

However, despite these […]