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Identify what you need to put aside – pt 1

Now we have sorted out how we are getting home or to our retreat when we are away with aid of the Car Survival Kit and the Personal carry Kit we should really consider what we are going to live on and rebuild with which is stored at that location.

We should avoid putting ourselves in the situation where we have an interim location and we need to move that to our planned retreat but as we have discussed. It may not be our decision or it could actually be the only viable plan. We could very well decide that we will stay in an interim location for a time before moving to our final location. If we do we need to consider that our final destination could be denied to us by the time we get there.

The next few articles are going to touch on the resources we need to live somewhere for over a year. Obviously if you don’t use them then it will make your life easier as you will have something to fall back on whilst you plan and prepare your crops. We will follow this on with items you should have for where you intend to stay for some time. The main difference is that you do not spend resources on infrastructure you will be leaving behind, you keep the resources for your proper retreat. Everything you build will be for a year or so only and will be either abandoned or taken with you when you go. We will look at both in each article and this way we will build up the lists we will use to purchase our survival stores.

So what should we have in our survival kit for over a years living?

Next article will start by looking at water. The stuff of life. Probably the most important single item on the list.

2 comments to Identify what you need to put aside – pt 1

  • […] can see the methodology behind the lists in the articles ‘Identify what you need to put aside‘. If you add the items from the top to the bottom, deleting lower duplicates, then your shopping […]

  • Mike

    In the short term I would apply the rule of threes. We need air, water and food to survive. Three minutes without air, three days without water or three weeks without food and we’re pretty much done for even in moderate conditions. Shelter comes next, whatever it’s from, the sun or the cold, wind and rain. If you have the ability to provide these basics all the rest of these things on the lists are just extra trimmings to make surviving a little more bearable.
    In the long term you need the ability to form a community large enough to support itself, have specialist skilled workers and be able to educate the young. That is too much for any one person to fund but with careful planning it would be possible to bring the right people together early and have a head start.

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