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Status Update

As you know I’ve not been updating this website for some time. This has been due to my lack of time coupled with the fact that very few people got involved in adding posts and I only know so much so ran out of subjects to talk about with confidence.

We have now moved on and although there are not many new posts the site is still accessed a lot and gigabytes of information downloaded. So much so over the last few months that the server resource limits for SurvivalUK have been exceeded several times triggering emails form my hosting provider requesting I move up another tier to handle the load. In addition the forum still has a few dedicated users still sharing information and keeping in touch. Covid 19 has opened a lot of eyes.

I still have no intentions of updating the site on a regular basis as things have not changed and I still have no new subjects to discuss. Although Covid 19 is now here it brings nothing that isn’t covered already in the information available on this site.

Although I won’t be updating the sites I’ll still leave them here as references for anyone that is interested. However, I will be releasing some of the more obscure domain names that bring people here. They will not be renewed when they come due and after they expire over the next year or so people will only be able to use SurvivalUK.Net to access the the main site and subdomains from there such as

As part of this domain consolidation I will also be removing the email forwarding facility for all but SurvivalUK.Net and allowing those domains to lapse as well. I’ll drop everyone who signed up for any impacted email addresses a quick note so they can inform anyone they need to.

As far as the land goes. It is still going well. I have chickens, ducks, rabbits and bees on there now as well as several fruit and veg beds. I’ve sorted out what I need too now except the ponds which have proved more troublesome than I thought they would be and my fish farming facilities still need some work. I’m still planning this out and we will get there eventually although probably not this year as travel plans are screwed by our useless governments overreaction to Covid 19.

I still have irregular meet ups with some of you although I no longer travel over the country to do so as I’ve been working from home for a few years now. Time passes so quickly and people drift apart. Keep in touch if you can.

Enjoy the site and download what you need while you can. From the way things are going much of the data on here will be censored soon.

Handing over to You

I’ve not posted for a while now. Family life, work, busy in the woods and not got anything to add to what has gone on since I started this site. So I’m going to bite the bullet and accept that I’m not going to be posting regularly.

These sites have always been intended for new preppers to explore and learn from. As they will remain online that will still be the case. Feel free to browse and learn.

I’m not leaving so if there are any posts that I think are relevant I will post them and if you want to contact me then I am still available on my email address. If you have any posts that you think may be relevant to preppers send them to me and I’ll post them.

Medicines and a Nanny State

Just recently a friend has been having issues with pain. He is suffering from stomach pains and the NHS can’t find anything wrong. They have performed several tests, scans and nothings shows up. They are stumped.

He is taking new pain killers to reduce the pain although they only reduce the pain not eliminate it as they have limited how many he can have of the old pain killers that removed the pain much better.

The problem for him is that the new pain killers they are giving him have implications in the long term and he can’t keep taking them. The ones that don’t have issues and the ones that perform pain management better are now restricted issue and can no longer be prescribed as they were before, special issue or something. There have been changes in the NHS to reduce costs and make savings and these are one of the many changes that have been made to support that.

About time you may ask but these changes are making peoples lives a misery with additional pain while they are still performing SJW operations at expensive cost. Such is the inefficiency and management of our public servants.

On the plus side he seems to have changed his stance on our government. Nanny states seem to be less of his liking. 🙂

So it seems that it is not just after events that we will have issues with medicines. If this continues to increase scope, and it will with the NHS being a broken and inefficient behemoth, then we may have to start looking at alternative medicines now. As our access to legal but restricted medicines reduce we will need to look outside our nanny state to get alternatives and I don’t want to be buying from abroad as we cannot be sure of the quality. I don’t want to be making my own because I know it isn’t going to be as good as commercial produced medicines.

It will still be better than what I can get legally though as it can augment what I can get from our nanny state. To this end I’m going to revisit our previous look at alternative medicines. I was already looking at some solutions with a previous member of Survival UK, Ken Eames, and Ken did a few courses for us. Have a look in the archives for his work. You can start here.

It’ll improve our readiness and perhaps even help my friend.

Woods Update – Apr 2017

Weather has improved dramatically. I’ve spent a little bit of time in the woods sorting out some more stuff.

Put down some bases in the new location for the bees. Hopefully this will be a better place than last time and that the bees will thrive. Will need to replenish my bee stock in the next month. That is going to be expensive but needs to be done.

Started with one of the secondary ponds. Put some barley in a week ago and it seems to have cleared up the algae. Interestingly enough all the other ponds have reduced algae in as well so that is good. I’m going to plant some water plants in there over the next few weeks and follow it up with some fish at the end of the quarter.  Looking at getting some fish now and feeding them up at home before moving them to the pond. Then we will see how it goes over the summer.

Still need to get the base done for the shed but just not getting the time. Will take a week off in a couple of weeks and see what I can do then.

Put in a couple more raised beds for veg and fruit so will have more food stocks.

Today I’m officially fed up of eggs. I have so many eggs from the chickens that even after I have distributed them around most of my family are fed up with them as well. I love eggs normally so luckily a gap of a few days will soon restore my liking.