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How we need to prepare


Valid threats that everyone avoids.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that the government is not your friend. It has it’s own agenda and will ruthlessly pursue it, even killing those that get in it’s way.

Part of this policy has lead to the crashes of recent years and the general lowering of educational standards over several decades in an attempt to force everyone into a standard citizen. It is a massive project encompassing decades, trillions of pounds, billions of people and trillions of man hours.

It is starting to come apart as more and more people are waking up and I believe that as we rebel against what is being forced upon us there will be violence. How severe that violence is depends on how the government reacts to peoples reactions to it’s policies. Personally, I think it will be bloody as I can’t see them giving up power easily but hopefully not. I see this as our number one threat.

In second place alongside societal collapse I see a longer term issue, one that is being masked by the government in it’s agenda to pussify the west, is Islam. Islam is a strange philosophy that is a way of life rather than a religion put in place by powerful men to control women and force their domination of others. It is a complete society in one package and as such cannot brook competition with anything else.

The media’s role is to point these things out but they are too busy in bed with the government and following the PC rulebook to expose those watching TV to anything outside the official line. So it is left to other people to raise awareness and spread the facts around and if the right people see them and accept the facts hidden from us the risks we face will drop significantly because we will deal with it while we still can.

I know a few muslims and in my talks with them they all say the same thing. They are moderates, there are a few nutters out there spoiling it for every other muslim but then they say ‘The time isn’t right yet’. The unspoken statement is that we still have time to rise up and rebel pushing these people back to their own lands and defending our way of life so these nutters are spoiling the plan by showing us what to expect before they have a defensible foothold in our country. When the time is right we will soon find out where these moderates stand and you can be sure it isn’t on our side.

Watch and learn what is going on at this moment hidden by quislings in the government and media intent on destroying our way of life. Just because the powers that be say we are not at war doesn’t make us at peace.

What do you think? Pass it on.

Bee Update

Migrated the bees from the first Beehaus to some new hives last week so I could try out the Rose Hive Method and it all seemed to go well. Went away and left them to themselves to settle in. They are still going back and forward with pollen to keep the hive going.

Today I’ve been prepping the second hive, the one I’m going to split and it is coming along nicely as well. Plenty of growth and activity.

While doing that I went into the new hive to see how it was going and it doesn’t look too good. I can’t find the queen and there are no eggs or larvae which means the queen has not been laying since I migrated them which suggests that I must have killed or injured her in some way during the transfer. Having no eggs means that the bees can’t replace her so the hive cannot survive on its own.

I’m going to take a frame of eggs from the second hive and use it to kick start the first hive. Of course it means I’ll have to delay migrating the second hive for a week but I need to try and save the new hive.

Such is life in the animal kingdom. Nothing ever goes as planned.

SDAF takes off

I’ve been waiting for a while now but last week I took delivery of my first Air Superiority Fighter for the Skean Dhude Air Force (SDAF).

Although it isn’t as much a fighter but more of a surveillance drone. It is a Hubsan X4 H107D FPV quadcopter.
Hubsan X4 H107D Full Kit

I was going to wait a buy a fully programmable drone but I seen this one. 100M range, First Person Viewing, a camera on board displays on a screen on the control box and for £100 I was impressed. So I bought it to see what it was like.

Arrived very quickly and just needed the drone battery charged via USB charger and AAs for the control box. It was ready to go. The box contained some spare prop blades and a prop protector which I installed. The actual drone itself fits into the palm of your hand. It is so compact.

So come time to give it a go. Well I made the mistake of trying it in the back garden first. Took off nicely but it was out of trim so it veered into the garage wall. Oops. Missing one prop blade. Can’t find it anywhere. So opened the replacement set and loaded in the new blade. Another go. This time the trim was a bit better and it went up fine and was easily moved around but I crashed it being smart and steering between some trees, another blade disappeared and I had to replace that. I was very impressed with the quality of the picture sent back to the control unit. It is certainly good enough to see anything you want to see. The drone is pretty noisy though as it sounds like a beehive full of bees buzzing away and there are very bright LEDs on the arms which make it extremely visible especially at night it certainly won’t be easy to hit due to its size and the fact that it is quite nimble.

You only get seven minutes from a charge which to be honest is enough to cover the range which is quoted at 100m although I suspect that you will only get that outdoors with line of sight. The range will be fine for me. I can use it to view around my house and see what is there. I’ve bought two additional batteries so that if necessary I can get the battery replaced fairly quickly and get the drone back into the action. I could use it to check areas that are out of sight to see if someone is hiding there and being fast and nimble it is unlikely to be brought down by bad guys/ I am considering disabling or replacing the LEDs to make things a little less conspicuous but I will try removing them to save power first and see what happens.

Hubsan X4 H107D Drone
I’ve crashed it a few times now and it still seems fine although I have lost prop blades. Not damaged but lost. They just disappear and are never seen again. They must spin away so fast that they travel quite far before coming to ground. I’ve had three crashes, three lost blades and am now grounded until I get some replacements. I’ve ordered several sets from eBay.

After playing with it a few days I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a very useful bit of kit for reconnaissance and security and a bargain at £100. However, make sure you get a couple of spare batteries and plenty of spare prop blades.

Bank Holiday Weekend Work

Bit of a damp squib for most of it as I wanted to get out and sort out the bees before I’m away for a few weeks but was held up by the weather.

Got out there on Sunday though and sorted them out. Found a few queen cells which is a precursor for swarming so removed them. My best hive is still my best hive which is very active and almost full. I could do with moving it around this week but won’t be able to.

Planted a few items but my main work was sorting out and packing away. I’ve got several nice solid storage crates which hold about 80L like they use for office moves and which is great for most things. However, tools and similar items are just too heavy when packed in that volume so I have just had several small storage crates, at 25L, delivered. They are OK to lift when fully packed so fits into my rules of making everything lift able by one man.

I want everything to be lift able and carry able by one man in case the eventuality arises that there is only one of you and you need to move out. Going back and forward a few times in better than having to open and unpack in a hectic situation and if you do have to run having a self contained package with everything you can carry is the way to go. I label everything up so you know what is in each container.

One thing I wanted to do but not found out the best way yet is to pack items with an inert gas. I have seen several solutions that involve placing iron wool and salt in a container and sealing it up but I am not happy with that solution as some of the containers are metal and salt and metal are not good bedfellows. I’d prefer a gas that I can release into the containers and then seal but can’t find a reasonable way to do this. So still looking.

I’m also looking at changing my food storage methods. Currently I have stacks of tins in a spare room and I’m looking at making them more modular and thus transportable. The storage crates are not ideal for this as they are not really designed for this. Stacking them in the same way that they are delivered to supermarkets isn’t very good either as they assume a percentage of damaged containers and losses. I can’t afford that especially if they are moved around regularly by ham fisted lifters. By the time we come to open them and use them we could have a considerable loss.

I’ve looked at several options, wooden containers, bubble wrapping everything, bubble wrapping between stacks, small shrink wrapped packages, small storage crates and all have their issues regarding aspects of food storage. Either they won’t travel well, they are difficult to store, check for damage or leaks. In my view the only real way to store them is keep them in little trays like they are delivered, still shrink wrapped if you can, but if not shrink wrap them and then pile them up in easily manageable blocks. Try not to pile them too high though. This is where racking comes in. I have enough storage crates, racking and packaging materials to start my own removals business.

Shrink wrapping and packing away is going to start in earnest over the next few weeks.