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Site Revisited

I’ve just come back to the site. I’m on leave for a week so thought it was time I fixed it and the first issue I had was the site code was out of date. Upgraded it and hit some DB issues which I fixed. The site then burst into life. So going to apply all the upgrades and see where that leads.

Didn’t realise it has been so long since I looked at the site. I know work was keeping me away from updating but never realised it was this long. Not sure where to start as it has been so long but let’s get the site fixed first and then I’ll get into a regular updating pattern.

Oh, this isn’t an April fool. It was just the day I managed to get around to looking at the site and while looking at the issue I read an article by the WordPress team who had raised this as a problem with a plug ins connection to the DB server. It was holding on to the links until they timed out and thus everyone was locked out until the DB server itself timed out.

The GoDaddy support team were no help. The tools available to me would never find this problem and they just said they don’t support apps.

GoDaddy is pretty crap

Site has quickly resumed it’s old ways and because I’ve just added this site it is clear where the issues are. GoDaddy is having difficulty with a WordPress site and a MyBB forum at the same time. So much for the professional package. Looks like I need a different package per site. Alternatively I need my own server. I’ll look at that.

In the meantime I’m going to move the sites around. I’ll move the forum from GoDaddy next week and just leave this site and after a couple of weeks I’ll bring back the files section. See if GoDaddy has the oomph to manage that.

Update : 1-Apr-2015.
Looking at issue and it seems there was a problem with a plug ins connection to the DB server. It was holding on to the links until they timed out and thus everyone was locked out until the DB server timed out.

Managed to fix it by luck and with no help from the GoDaddy support team. The WordPress team had raised this as an issue on their blog and when I went to upgrade they suggested a couple of tests and the culprit was identified.

Modern Cars

As many of you know I’m on the lookout for a new car. My existing car, a Volvo, is just too small and too nanny state. It nags me all the time and I’m just fed up with it. Nice car to drive but a nightmare otherwise. I’ve just bought a van for my prepping, transport and stealth camping and that seems fine. No nagging. My new car has to be adaptable because I may want to use it for bugging out but as a minimum it need to tow my trailer, keep 5 of us stowed away as well as a small amount of get home gear.

Looking around at what is available has caused me concern. I see cars that are unable to be serviced or maintained by the ordinary person. Forcing them to go to dealers to have their car serviced just to switch off service lights and fix even the simplest part. When I was a lad a petrol filter was a tube with a metal gauze in it which you cleaned in petrol. Now it is a £45 box with sensors that must be replaced or the engine management system limits performance and makes the car unusable and dangerous. Mine tried to kill me a few months ago because the system decided the brakes needed servicing and limited my performance whilst I was overtaking a line of cars on a busy road.

It’s not totally the manufacturers fault, they have seen a way to increase profits and grabbed it. The government has its heavy hand in there as they do with everything else that is screwed up in this country. They see a chance to squeeze even more money from the public by forcing them to buy newer cars and by making it very expensive to maintain older cars on the road. The MOT is a perfect tool for doing this as instead of being there to make sure vehicles are safe on the road, as it was intended, it is the tool used to force you to replace or repair a perfectly good vehicle because it doesn’t meet their new updated legal standard. Such as the engine management light is on for any reason or you don’t meet the global warming scan emission levels. It is classed as a safety issue. Perfectly good cars are scrapped every day because they failed an MOT. How environmentally friendly is that?

So what does that mean to us. Well, it means that the pool of vehicles that we are interested in is rapidly diminishing. Soon the bottom will fall out of the second hand car market when people realise that buying a standard five year old car means that you will be unlikely to be able to use it for long or even sell it on because wear and tear or parts you don’t really need means you will need to replace, at significant cost, so much it isn’t worth it. Disposable cars, the manufacturers dream is almost here, soon there won’t be a car older than 10 years old and the public will be forced onto buses and trains. The state at work.

We are looking for vehicles that we can maintain after an event and can convert to biofuels such as vegetable oil. Strict emission standards defined to meet our global warming targets make our engines to specific tolerances that can only be used by highly processed fuels. Vegetable oil is not one of those fuels. In many cases biofuels don’t make the grade either but 5% of most modern diesel is biofuels. This causes issues for some modern engines but at 5% it is hardly noticeable. However, after an event when the percentages are much higher on many cars it will be. Just have a look at how many modern cars have warnings about using biofuels in the literature.

Personally I don’t see a vehicle being a necessity after an event. It will be a luxury and a force multiplier in our preps during the early days of an event. It will enable us to bug out, move people and our stores around and help us when we are out scavenging. After a few months it will be of limited use but still a handy tool if we can maintain and fuel it.

Fuel, although it will be an issue, will be one we can easily overcome with vegetables oil and biofuels. We could even convert some of our vehicles to steam. We will need to disable the engine management systems and remove all the useless bits of kit installed in the worship of the global warming scam such as the catalytic convertors and make basic engines again. Ones we can maintain and keep going.

This now gives us two ways to go. Get a car with minimum modifications and keep it maintained and on the road or we get a car with no intention to keep on the road. Just for an event. While you think about the expense it probably won’t even be your most expensive prep.

First however we should get ourselves a vehicle that has the minimum of ‘enhancements’ in it now. This will make it easier to modify and maintain. Modify what you can to ensure it can pass the MOT and get some parts to replace any required after an event. If you are buying some to keep off road then you can SORN it, another stealth tax, or scrap it and remove it from the government radar, after all we won’t be able to use it on the road ever again. You can then remove all the nanny state parts, rebuild it and convert it to be our ideal after an event machine.

For those that don’t have the funds or the room for two vehicles then you will need to find a nice solid vehicle now, make sure it will pass its MOT and keep it that way, until they change the law to make sure it fails, then you can keep it as your off road vehicle, either SORNing or scrapping, and then buy another to replace it.

Looking around though. Most of the cars in the UK are nanny state now, with more and more having ‘enhancements’ put on to meet agreed standards on the environment and health and safety. So it looks like cheap foreign cars may be the way to go. After all most countries not in the West aim away from their own foot.

Personally, I’m still struggling. I have my van and that will be my long term vehicle but stealthy it isn’t and it won’t fit in some places. Ideally, I am looking for a diesel estate with a towbar. Can’t find anything I like though so I will keep looking. You should to.

Concerned about Ebola?

Ebola was all over the news over the last couple of weeks. It was seen to be the new apocalypse and so bad that members of the general public were woken from their slumber and started their first steps towards prepping for an event. If you are one of these then congratulations you have accepted that the government isn’t going to save you and you have to do something yourself. You are now one of a very small minority.

Think about all the scare stories you read, terrorism, H1N1, Muslims and preppers with guns. Then think logically about it, consider the facts and then draw your own conclusions and not what the media has decided your conclusions are. Lets take Ebola as the example for all of these. Bear in mind I’m not a medical expert so these are my views only. Feel free to panic if you think it will help.

Is it real concern?

Yes. Ebola is a terrible disease and a horrific way to die. You definitely don’t want to go that way.
Ebola is statistically only a real danger though, to certain high risk groups. Those that visit the hell hole that is Africa, either on business or pleasure. Those in the medical area who treat the ill. Remember that we bring Ebola patients back to the West for treatment. We are importing it ourselves. However statistically it is unlikely that you will win the lottery but people do it most weeks so it is still a real threat to you and yours.

So, I can get it so how is it passed on?

From what I read it is passed on in a similar way to colds and the flu. Air borne with coughs and sneezes and by fluids from an infected person. Again, the medical area gets the first hit as well as daily contacts such as close friends and family. Kids catch everything and then pass it on through school as kids are always in close proximity to each other.

Why are you not concerned?

I am concerned, but I see this being no different to the Flu. I don’t know anyone that works in a hospital nor anyone that travels to Africa. My precautions over the Flu and other such illnesses cover me for this. It is one of the many things I prep for.

So, what do you suggest?

Well, a couple of things.

1) Now you have recognised that there are concerns you need to prepare for then extrapolate that to more likely issues and prepare for them. It doesn’t take much, you don’t need a £50M bunker, just extra food, water and medical supplies plus the skills to use them like your grandparents lived. Read up about what others are worried about, could that impact you?

2) Keep an eye out for any infectious diseases. Prepare in advance by making a kit of face mask, gloves, glasses, a mouthpiece, bleach or sanitiser. Take them with you and wear them when you think the situation warrants it. Take some hand sanitiser, bleach in little bottles so if you do get some discharge you can clean up. Take a mouthpiece so if you need to give mouth to mouth.

3) If anything happens locally go into lockdown by staying at home till it burns out. Do some extra shopping and then go home and stay there. Phone work, school, etc. and tell them you have been coughing and sneezing. They will be begging you not to come in.

4) If you need to treat someone, because you can’t take them to hospital, then make sure you are covered from head to toe in disposable clothing, wear goggles, face masks and gloves when you interact with the patient. Keep the patient in a separate room, cover the bed with plastic, like the old four poster beds and dispose of all the bedding, sheeting when you are finished and bleach the whole room, and yourself, after. Bear in mind that few recover from this so you don’t want to take any chances. If you think looking after someone is an option then read up more on the treatment and handling protocols.

Like many health scares though it is vastly over-hyped. It is something you could definitely do without but you are very unlikely to get it. Think about the old scares, history teaches us a lot; Terrorism, have you or anyone you know been impacted by a terrorist directly? H1N1, Anyone you know get this disease? Gun control, know anyone shot by a legal gun owner? I’m betting not one of these has directly impacted yourself just people you know knows someone who has been impacted.

Ebola is another overreaction designed to get the public panicking and demanding the government do something, anything to save them. People will demand borders are closed, people put under quarantine and millions will be impacted by the precautions. The government will swing into action because of public demand and do something, anything even though it will make little difference while we still go to these hell holes and import ill people to treat in local hospitals. That distracts us from sky high tax, stealth taxes, the latest edicts from the EU and criminals running amok with impunity among a million other things that the government doesn’t want to do anything about. Concerns that actually do impact us directly on a daily basis but luckily for them we are so easily deflected with the aid of a helpfully compliant media.