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How we need to prepare

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Lucky we have started Prepping

With the cries of doom and gloom from our useless politicians we can be glad that we are ahead of the curve and have been prepping for both WWIII, The UK drifting off into the North Sea and falling off the continental shelf as well as the economic issues such as the collapse of the pound and us all having to pay more for, well, everything. Oh and your dog will undoubtedly die as well. Obviously it is the EUSSR keeping it alive.

At least being preppers we have a head start on preparing for all of these, well, except for your dog dying as I am sure we have taken steps to avoid that.

Of course none of that is going to happen. Project Fear is simply capitalising on our fears and literally making up stories that do not stand up to scrutiny but as usual our reliable MSM don’t even ask the basic questions.

The fact is an exit will reduce our risks by slowing the invasion to a manageable level and allowing the dozy general public to catch up and realise what is going and to me that and that alone is reason enough to leave the EUSSR.

If we don’t I have no doubt that in a few years we will have a BNP style government and there will be violence and death in the UK.

EU Referendum

As we get closer to the EU referendum in June we are seeing all sorts of claims by the traitors on remain as to what is likely to happen when we leave ranging from WWIII by that useless git Cameron to costs of £1500 a year increases in the cost of living from the bean counters. Those same bean counters that predicted a growth rate in 2016 of and then revised it down and only a few months later another downward change. They really are accurate prophets and only in politics can they actually class themselves as the experts in this area with such an abysmal record.

In my view the single most important reason for leaving the EUSSR is immigration. We can reduce the intake of invaders to what we want and we do not have to accept any quotas from the politburo.

Even if nothing else changes, the millions per day we give to the EU and the stupid regulation on banana straightness and the pending legislation that the EU is holding back until after the referendum is enacted by the bunch of traitorous clowns we call our government that one reason is enough.

I think our government actually loves the legislation that is created. It gives them a reason to tax us and fine us so they will likely keep a lot of it or replace it with stupid legislation of our own to match but at least we will get the ability to vote them out and make our voices heard on every aspect of the changes.

In addition the people are waking up all over the world people are rebelling against the professional political class and voting for nationalist parties. So when Cameron and his ilk are out we are likely to see nationalist parties take over and start to make the changes we want in the world.

For the US trump seems to be that step. For us and the rest of Europe Brexit will be that step. We won’t get another chance before it collapses under its own weight and I believe that the UK voting out may trigger that collapse earlier than it would because our funding is critical to keep it afloat.

Make sure you make the right choice for you and your family for the next few generations and vote for Out. It makes sense to everyone in the UK except the politicians who can see the trough being removed and the gravy train stopping.

Best laid plans for a Bank Holiday

It’s bank holiday weekend. I’m all ready to go up to the woods and plant some more fruit trees and bushes as well as finishing off a few other things and it has been pouring down for the last few days and is even raining as I speak.

My plans did include down time where I spent some time inside doing the tasks I have put aside such as building brood boxes for the bees and other such tasks. Stuff I don’t need now but it needs done eventually.

I’ve not won the lottery again either so I still have to speak to friends and family and make sure everything mundane like washing clothes and tidying up is done.

As for today it looks like I’m going to be spending my time making brood boxes, building some frames for the raised beds and painting everything I can. As its a bank holiday I’ll probably slack off and spend some time browsing the web and sending emails out to people.

Bit of a wet squib. Although on the bright side, the plants are getting watered and we have plenty to drink. Global warming sure is wet.

Land Update

Been busy on the land since the last post. Basically moving stuff up and storing it to make way for things at home as well as setting up areas for the future.

The Bees were front of the queue again with a lot of work required in a hot bee suit.

Hive 1

First up was consolidating all the hives down to standard brood boxes from deep brood boxes. This enables me to move the frames around easily although it meant I had to chop some frames down to size so that I didn’t impact the colonies too much. Next was splitting the hives to grow the numbers. This was made a lot easier with all the frames being the same size. I checked and remarked the queens and checked how everything else was. Everything looks fine but we will know when I check this week for queen cups, new queens.

Spent some time planting things, raspberries, currants, blackberries, brambles, rhubarb, strawberries, cranberries as well as some trees, apple, pear, cherry. I have a wide variety of plants in my garden. I’m moving in more raised beds and will be planting other items as I go on. Next year almost everything will be in place.

Rhubarb Beds

I spent a lot of time moving stuff up there as well. I have a lot of bricks I retrieved when a neighbours patio was being replaced.

Brick Area

Moving them up a few at a time with other stuff. No rush they are not in the way, now, at home.

Got six builder bags of hay for the chickens for £15 as well. Always handy when a small bag costs £3 in the pet shop.

Hay Bags

I’m also putting my tools away and covering them up. Won’t stop a determined thief but in the dark will be difficult for someone to find. Plus I have a few night cameras up there now. Already found a neighbouring farmer wandering through whom I am sucking up to for shooting rights on his land. Bit of a dilemma there but he told me about it and what he was looking for so I’m less concerned than if it had been a stranger.

Hidden Tools

Doesn’t look like much but a lot of work went into it.

Finally just for your amusement. Here is where I spent four hours the week before last.