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I can’t emphasis enough the benefits of standardisation.

I’ve just bought some new UV5R radios. Slightly different models but they only have a few differences so what difference will that make? Mistake! They may only have a few differences but I can’t program them using the same SW as the old ones. Of course the only way to install the new one is to write over the old one and so I can’t reprogramme the old ones without reinstalling that. Shouldn’t be a problem but they use different libraries which causes other issues. Comms like Linux is a game for geeks. Deliberately kept so to deepen the mystery and keep their cliques closed. Tosspots.

I always try and keep any items I buy the same. Makes looking after them easier but what many forget is that even with the same item from the same supplier there are many changes which can cause issues. Not as big a problem when a saw has an extra few teeth added but when the changes mean that you need a new software package or programming cable to program it then you find that it becomes more difficult to keep track of what is for what and what to do to get it working.

They do it deliberately too. They change the connectors, and the tools so you have to buy more. It is purely to get you to spend some hard earned pennies to add to items you already have. They could standardise themselves but choose not to. It is a standard nowadays where no real innovation has occurred for 20 years. Everything is pretty much the same except smaller and to make you buy new ones when you don’t really need them they make spares difficult to get and that is where they make their money nowadays. Same crap really but in a nice shiny new case with super doper new software required.

For us though that creates problems. I don’t want to have six different versions of the same thing because I bough them over several months and I don’t want to find out after an event the programming cable I have won’t work because that specific variant of the unit uses a different software package.

It is because of this I tend to buy several items at once. This however is a bit difficult when we are talking about items with a reasonable value and you want a few of them. For example I have just decided that I want each BOB and each BOV to have a UV5R as part of the contents. Each configured in exactly the same way with SUK frequencies and each having the same accessories.

I bought a couple of new ones to add to my existing set and discovered that they had upgraded chipsets in which were incompatible with the older ones. I could work around it but it negates my plans of just having the same items and it being the same devices, same buttons to press and same performance. So I had a look around and contacted a few suppliers. Nobody had my any units with my ‘obsolete’ firmware. So I ended up having to buy a bulk pack of them to ensure they were all identical. Then I had to programme them. It was then I discovered that when I had installed the previous version I had overwritten the standard driver, which I no longer had, but being a computer geek myself I found it on the kids laptop. It was still the wrong one. I needed to install a brand new driver to get the latest version to work. WhooHoo. Then when the cable was recognised the system still couldn’t see the transmitter. It still won’t and now of course I can get it to recognise the old one either.

So latest plan is to reset an old laptop and then install the software. Configure everything it can see. Archive the lot and record what was seen. Repeat with each variant until I am done. Well done guys for making something so overcomplicated and backwards incompatible.

As I said before though it isn’t just them. It is everyone. Some as I mentioned are not a problem, I have lots of different types of knives, tools, clothes, etc. Some are though. The radios we just discussed, Antennas, water filters, computers, guns. All the high value things you would prefer to be the same.

Just bear this in mind when you are looking at things.

  • How many do I need? Remember to consider the future. Include spares.
  • What about spare parts, what do I need? Buy everything now or consider them obsolete?
  • What about tools to maintain and upgrade?
  • Instructions on repair and maintenance as well as usage.

Standardise as much as you can on everything you have excluding food (Just in case you have bad batches). It will keep your maintenance costs down as well as maintenance time. Keep to the same spec and try to buy from different batches and suppliers if you can. Test everything to confirm it works.

Latest Test Results

A few weeks ago I had an issue with my bathroom leaking. Meant my shower was out so I had a chance to try living without one and to have a updated test run on my preps. It took longer than I anticipated to get the shower fixed, mainly down to the cost and availability of the plumber to do the work. So I had a longer test of my preps than anticipated which was all good.

I decided that I would go without anything from the shops during the test except for items for the kids such as milk. Not having a cow means that I’m stuck for milk if none is available at the shops and is the subject of much thought about what would happen after an event. More on this in another article.

So here I am several weeks later and I found that I managed to live. I’ve saved a fortune actually, partially because of the carrier bag tax, which meant when I went I would only carry what I could carry bag free. No more impulse buying which was one of my major spending habits. lived on what I had and used what I had on me. Cut down on mains gas by turning off the boiler and only used electrickery for work and for watching some DVDs at night. Whaat… That was fine as it was only a test…

Did fine, much better than last time but I did detect a few significant differences this time around.

1) It wasn’t fully winter but I found it was cold. I was able to wrap up at all times but I think my nose felt cold all the time except when I was snuggled up in bed. Rest of me was fine so I should really be looking for a hat for my nose. Balaclavas are OK but not for all day use. Too damn cold and it wasn’t even mid winter yet.

2) I ate well. I lived off pretty much the same things over the time but I don’t tend to get bored with what I eat so it wasn’t an issue. I was surprised how little I actually used and how little variety I chose. Stuck with the basics and it went well.

3) I missed hot water. A nice warm shower was the main thing I missed. I did miss hot water on tap but managed to make do without.

4) Not using electrickery meant I was reliant of battery power mainly. My rechargeable batteries didn’t fare too well with many that had been in storage failing. Luckily I had several Alkaline Batteries that I used and they saved the day. I see batteries as a major issue after an event. Need to do something in this area.

5) I only used the car when I had to for work and necessities. I could have done without it if it had been an event and I would still have had three quarters of a tank plus the 2 jerry cans available when I was finished.

6) Kept myself busy which helped with the warm and getting the house in order. Helped reduce the backlog of work plus I made some plans on what I needed to get ready.

7) I have plenty of toilet paper and kept the water going, keeping track of what I used. If it was real I would have used the chemical toilet until I had dug some holes. Not worth doing that just for a test. I’m going to prepare a composting toilet for the future and see if I can make it portable. Testing is going to be a bitch though. Toilet paper though I found I could do without and not find it too much of an issue. However, it is still a luxury as my bottom will testify.

All in all I found it went well. I identified the following areas that need work;

1) Batteries. What do I need and how do I store them correctly.
2) Hot water. How do I make this work. What can I do here?
3) Need to build a composting toilet. How can I test this without too much hassle?

Beside that I found it was fine. Of course that is just me, no kids involved this time. Next time I might try making it a camping trip in early spring and see how the kids do in the cold.

The Giant is restless

After the events in France there have been a number of people that have spoken to me about what is going on. I’ve even had a couple of preppers I’ve not spoken to for a while contact me just for a chat and an update because I’m not on the site much.

The events in France are a wake up call for the ordinary people and many have opened their eyes. Only the really indoctrinated, and there are plenty of them, and those who can achieve short term gain from the swarms invading our lands have anything good to say about those invaders and the repressive culture they bring with them. Unfortunately, those people are in the media and politics and control the agenda set out for us to see and so the sheep, the sleeping giant, are easy convinced because in their hearts they want things to be that way. They stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘LaLaLa’ to drown out the frightening news. Explains how none of these attacks go near the media or the politicians and only to us.

This time though they have stretched out, time will tell if they have overreached or not but I think they may have. The French are not like us. They will ignore their government and do something about it. Strike, violence and retaliation are just some of the potential responses from the masses regardless of what the government does. No wishy washy hand wringing on French TV will change the view of those who were already feeling that immigration was too much and that the EU is going down the wrong path. How it goes I watch with interest and wish good luck to the French on this one.

Over here though it already clear that the same old rhetoric about religion of peace, a few bad apples, etc. etc. is being rolled out and how in the *cough* gun free UK you can’t get these weapons, Yeah Right!, and from I can see some of the great British public is already rolling over and having a doze, it’s in France, what lots of things are having abroad. Different place no need to worry. I hear they even eat Horses, savages.

Our government is already making in low key with Chamberlai.. our illustrious leader trotting out the old excuses and making out that we can do something to stop it. Well, we can, but what he is proposing isn’t it. So not much chance he will allow us to get armed and defend ourselves which is a bit hypocritical while he increases the number of armed security surrounding him and his pals. The useful idiots though are left out with the rest of us although oblivious to the threat and their cloak of piousness protects them from all harm. How I laugh when one of those gets it like that dozy American one a few months ago. One less SJW to protect them and I’m sure some of her friends may have had a change of heart as well but knowing how dozy they are, probably not many. Never mind every one counts. If it only takes one SJW life it is worth it.

So, it’ll all be down to the French starting something off or we have to wait until we get our own atrocities of a similar magnitude and for those that believed it took government style planning to achieve then consider how many firms, individuals, etc. arrange much more complicated events every day. I bet most of us with an IQ above our politicians could organise events of this magnitude. The only issue for us would be the weapons and the explosives, oh and the dumb dickheads to press the buttons but our foes don’t seem to have any problems with any of those.

Personally, this may start the French on their path and have opened several people eyes but I suspect it will take a similar attack in the UK before we do anything. Our society is too far down the path of being turned into namby pamby hand wringers who cry at the slightest thing. So do what you can yourself and watch out because the increase in surveillance our government will put in place due to these attacks will pick you up and not the people that should be targeted. After all you are a selfish racist scumbag and they are poor oppressed people just looking for a better life.

Just because one side doesn’t think they are at war doesn’t mean they are not and our governments, well actually, all governments wars over the last few decades have made the world a much dangerous place they are still fighting wars against people that don’t want to die but these guys don’t care about that. It is just a stage of their lives, and the shitty stage I should point out, so they are happy to pay the price and exit with a ticket to a bright future. Idiots.

Planning for the future

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Using it I can see all the mistakes I have made over the years and have now worked out what I should have done in each and every case. Only thing is that most of them are for circumstances that I will never be in again.

I’ve had a few issues with the house basically because of decisions I made 20 plus years ago and although I appreciated that they might be problems in the future I always thought that it wouldn’t impact on me. Time has moved on and I’ve not moved as I expected to do and suddenly I find I have to do a lot of repairs to the plumbing as I have two showers and two sinks leaking at the same time from a junction between the two rooms because of the way the plumbing was installed by a old plumbing pal of mine which means that I have to rip out the old plumbing and then have to redecorate almost every room upstairs. A lot of expense for the plumbing alone never mind the redecorating.

It is at time like these I wonder whether or not to install a composting toilet and a grey water system but every time I come back to the situation that I do want to sell the house within a few years and neither of those would be a selling point. So I decide I won’t and then in 15 years I’ll be looking at it again and thinking the same thing. Maybe it is time to make a different decision. I’m going to look at all the options, maybe a composting toilet and make one bathroom out of the two which could give me another store room. :) Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking that or I’ll be living in a warehouse and not a house. I’m already getting nagged because of the lack of space.

Just to rub it in as well as the plumbing inside I’ve an issue with the plumbing outside as in the drains. My garage roof guttering has been damaged somehow and the water is flowing out and flooding the back. Nothing major it just needs time. Nothing too big. Just some bits and some time. It is even something I can do.

What to do? I’ll have to make my mind up soon. My plumber pal finishes off his current job in a few weeks and he needs to buy in what I want.

It is all go though with the one constant though of being adaptable. Hence my tagline:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin