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How we need to prepare


SurvivalUK and the Law

I just want to make a few things clear.

  • Our government is useless, corrupt and overbearing.
  • Our justice system does not punish the criminals but the general public.
  • We have too many laws touching on subjects that there should be no laws on.

  • I am a Libertarian and believe that governments only reason for being is basic competencies such as a Justice system and Defence.
  • I am a Patriot and believe this is the best country and it has the best people in the world.
  • I believe in crime and punishment.
  • I believe in equality, freedom for all and you can do what you want as long as it does not impact on anyone else.
  • I hold nothing but contempt for our interfering governments over the last 25 years.

  • I have set up this site, and put my head above the parapet, to help others prepare what we all suspect is coming. Originally our fear was nuclear war or natural events now it is more likely to be a societal collapse.
  • These preparations are hampered by government legislation.
  • This site is not intended to encourage people to break the law no matter how stupid those laws are.

So although I may talk about building a .22 SMG to Phil Luty’s (RIP) design I am only pointing out what you could do if your local legislation allows it, I also point out what you can and cannot do in the UK when I am aware of the law there being so many now nobody really knows what is legal and what is not, not even Plod. So I provide the information so that those that do not live in a mickey mouse country can learn. In addition when the government in the UK is dragged kicking and screaming from their place at the trough in their ivory tower then the information may be of use in the aftermath of that. At this point in time having this knowledge is not being illegal even if our lords and masters don’t want you to know it.

Personally, I don’t want to be involved in any rioting or stringing up of politicians and my advice to you is keep out of it. I am actually not a violent person and would rather stick to my own morals regarding killing. I think politicians should go to jail for a long time rather than die but that will never happen because they have made themselves above the law and know it. They will never face Justice whilst they control the law. On the other hand I will be apathetic to their fate and would not lift a finger to help them as they are strung up as they brought it on themselves. In addition I would not supply information to the Stasi (if I have an option) so they can persecute others. My morals allow that no problem. I put the option bit in so that if they torture me I’ll give you up in a heartbeat.

So bottom line, don’t come to this site expecting advice or help on assassination or violence against our government. I’m not doing that nor will I encourage it. Don’t write about doing anything illegal on the site or send me emails with anything illegal in them and everything will be fine. Remember that every email and post is monitored by the Stasi and they are not on your side. Survivalists/Preppers are actually down as subversives so you are already being considered an enemy of the state and are being watched. However, I will offer links and advice on lawful rebellion and non violent protest as is allowed in the EUSSR, at the moment anyway. All hail the state.

I’ll continue legally showing articles that if acted upon are not legal in the UK at this time due to our laws but do so that we can learn and prepare for when it is legal or society breaks down and there is no legal system.

I also accept no responsibility for what others decide to do with this information. It is not my information it usually is readily available on the web as it should be in a free society.