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How many do I buy?

One question that I am usually asked is how much should I be looking at storing? How many of those should I buy? If I had a single answer I could give I would make a lot of people happy. As it is the answer I usually give, and the only right answer, is as […]

New Year Catch Up – General

With the main part of my plans being around the garden and the home I find I am looking at the remainder of my preps and just keeping them ticking over. I have so much going on I’m in danger of running out of time while I give everything a little bit so progress is […]

Changing our wasteful ways

One area that we don’t spend much time worrying about at the moment is wastage. We don’t need to as there is always more out there and all it costs is money. After an event though that will all change as we will want to reduce our waste to zero. Everything we produce will have […]

Moving closer to your goal

In our prepping we tend to stick with what is comfortable with. We put aside what we eat, what we use and we try and keep out world from collapsing immediately. We just want to keep hold of what we have even if it is a false construct.

It won’t last though. We just can’t […]