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How we need to prepare


Moving closer to your goal

In our prepping we tend to stick with what is comfortable with. We put aside what we eat, what we use and we try and keep out world from collapsing immediately. We just want to keep hold of what we have even if it is a false construct.

It won’t last though. We just can’t sustain it and we will lose one thing followed by another and another until everything from our old life is gone. Some are longer lasting than others so we may have a knife, a gun or a garden implement. Something solid and robust can last many decades but basically everything else we put aside will be gone.

The preps are only temporary anyway. To provide us a cushion for an event and to enable us to start up our longer term plans which is to move to a more sustainable method of living.

For many of us though there is a middle ground, that is to move to a more sustainable way of living now. It isn’t easy because to do so completely is both expensive and time consuming. Some of us have done it already and many more seem to be taking the plunge, usually those with the finances and think that they want to be out of the rat race.

Many of us though are stuck. We would like to get out of the rat race but we just can’t we don’t have enough money to move out to somewhere safer and we need a job to live, never mind put in place something longer term. We are caught in the rat race.

There is however a way we can improve our lot with or without money and work towards a self sufficient lifestyle. We can look at what we can do to remove ourselves from the rat race. The money you save can go towards more preps.


Water :
If you are on water rates then you can look at capturing and filtering your own water to save on water charges. Sadly you will never get away from these charges until after an event but you can reduce their take..

Power :
Most of us missed the money that came with the high rates of feed in to the grid but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the free solar that is around now. Many providers will provide free installation and money back which although not a great deal means that you will have an array of panels on your roof for your use when the power s gone. If that isn’t possible then consider purchasing a few panels and removing some of your power requirements. Wire your lights into a battery system and save power there. Wire your systems one by one as much as you can, solar on the roof, the garage, sheds, whatever you can. Depending on your capacity you may be able to power all but the tumble dryer, washing machine and any other heavy surge white goods. Reduce and if possible remove yourself from the grid.

Food :
Probably the one where most people are at work. Plant your own veg and fruit. Grown your own herbs in pots. Depending on the size of your garden and the location you can also look at keeping chickens, bees and goats. Every little bit helps and if you can get an allotment then you should be able to make a significant dint in your food bill. This is where most people will be able to improve on their current usage.
Go hunting, rabbits and pigeons are available for all with air rifles or shotguns although deer hunting is a bit more expensive requiring access and a FAC.

Fuel :
The most difficult. The car is a big user of fuel and the Biofuel option is still one of the best but is not suitable for every vehicle and nowadays fresh veg oil is more expensive than petrol. Unless you have access to free used oil then it doesn’t save that much and is messy. The other options are expensive and for most of us not viable. I’m looking at doing something with an alcohol engine but can’t see me travelling to London in that. Consider walking and biking while local, it’ll be better for your health as well.

Our main use of fuel in the house is for heating and cooking. It is possible to move over to alternative fuels there, the primary one of course being solar again which we can use to heat water directly for heating and we can use it to generate power for cooking via panels but for true long term requirements we should use solar ovens for cooking. If that is getting too primitive for you then you should look at using coal or wood. Coal deposits are still scattered around the UK and although not viable for mining commercially there is plenty for our use. Wood burning stoves and heaters are more common and a lot more convenient as wood is available all over the UK and most places free of charge.

Household :
Make your own soap, washing powder and household cleaning agents and you can adjust the strength for your specific uses. Not forgetting toothpaste and cutting your own hair. All significantly cheaper and building your skill set.

Defending on your capabilities there are other things you can do. What are your skill sets, are you a carpenter, a brickie, plumber. Barter for items that you can’t afford. Plenty of people are doing that now. Join them.

Once you have reduced your expenses as much as you can then you will have taken significant steps towards the lifestyle you will end up with after an event. The more you do now the less the impact will be if the time comes plus it will help you save money which can be put towards your preps and you never know, it could be the difference that gets you out of the rat race.

3 comments to Moving closer to your goal

  • Great advice
    Many thanks
    I agree, the transition from coping with first world equipment, watching it wear out, break, run out of fuel and stollen is will indeed force you into one of three options:
    1. Join others who are still equipped. The bonus is you share skills and work but the downside would be you will now be in a “pecking order”for water food and any other equipment. Also, your opinions will be,diluted too.

    2. Look at other ways to do the work before things break.

    3. Take what you need from someone else…
    This option has risk as people will be prepared to go to extremes to stop you.

  • Skean Dhude


    It won’t wor like that. The equipment will wear out depending on usage and quality so the chances are that when you run out others will be in the same boat. So option 2 is the only way to go. In fact it is not an option it is the solution.

    The preps are just for the transition not for starting a new lifestyle and to start to do the work before things break. You can loo at ways now, buy what you need and practise. Start using it now and don’t wait till an event to wonder what you will replace things with. Learn now.

  • Thanks Sean. As always, wise words.
    As a footnote, I read this evening that Ikea are starting to sell solar panels. I’ll get more information and share with the group.
    Also, some good kit tips coming out of “Survive Alaska” – Nat Geo I think.
    Many thanks

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