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Welcome to Survival UK

Hi, Welcome to this site. A survival site that is biased towards survival in the UK. Be it simply living in a more sustainable manner in our economic climate or living through some natural or political event. You never know what the future hold and we are already tightening our belts due to political incompetence. Those socialist clowns from the Labour circus have been replaced with socialist clowns from the Conservatives and Lib Dems so things have not really changed and it is going to take a while before it gets any better.

As you are aware the UK is already in big trouble. The cost of living has gone up dramatically whilst wages have stagnated or dipped relatively. Our society is fractured and criminals are getting away with crimes whilst ordinary folk are being persecuted to put funds in government coffers via indirect taxes hidden as fines. For example; Our US friends laugh when I tell them that air rifles are restricted weapons in the UK and some have to be licensed. AK47s are available in Russia for the common man but air weapons are restricted in a supposedly free country and this makes sense to people. We really are screwed.

To this end I intend to tailor articles to allow everyone to benefit from the information so they can live within their means and supplement their standard of living and also prepare for a potentially worse situation while staying within UK law. However, as the law changes every time some whiner has another barmy idea then I’m making no promises. I’ll point out what I can but you will need to be careful.

Feel free to click the categories down the side to select your interest. Each will take you to a top level page on that subject which will have links to relevant topics. If you wish to discuss the topics then leave a comment.

Join the Forum and get involved with our discussions. Share your knowledge and help others with less experience.

If you wish to contribute on this site please send me an Email with your article and I’ll add it to the correct category and give you author credit. This site will be nothing without user input. A UK survival site has been tried before and not really taken off. Let us work together to make it work this time.

Please send any Emails about the site or its contents to me, via our contact form, and they will be reviewed and actioned. Comments or issues, positive or negative as long as they are constructive are welcomed.

I fully intent for this site to be completely downloadable so you can store it on a USB stick or a CD/DVD for future reference if the Internet as we know it is restricted or non existent. All files contained will be freely available and ready for use.