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NW Meet Aug 2016 Report

Well a bit behind the curve here but here finally is the NW Meet Report.

We met up at our usual location, Fred’s pad, and there was plenty of tea, biscuits and cake as Fred spoilt us. Probably because he actually had a few visitors at his place and proved to the neighbours that Ole. […]

Charley Tango Comms Bash July 2016

For all those with an interest in Comms with your prepping this was sent to me by one of our colleagues with a comms interest.

A serious Preppers Comms site


Seen a few comments from preppers about going to this could be very interesting for the Ham fans and preppers who like […]

North West Meet Q3 2016

I’m arranging a NW Meet for the 20 or the 21 Aug. The agenda is currently being discussed and I will let everyone know that and the exact date when it is arranged. Location will be around the Chester area.

Any hot subjects you think we should be discussing at the meet then let me […]

SUK Meets Update

Just to let everyone know we are cancelling the SUK NW meet and will rearrange for a later date. Some personal issues that are not mine to get into. I’ve contacted everyone that let me know and told them. I’ll sort out another date when things have settled down.

In a related way I have […]