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How we need to prepare


Back in the saddle

Well it seems like winter is over despite hearing predictions of really cold spells for the last fortnight. It fills you with confidence that they can predict to a few degrees what it will be like in 2050 when they can’t even get anything more that a few days right.

I’ve been busy over the […]

How many do I buy?

One question that I am usually asked is how much should I be looking at storing? How many of those should I buy? If I had a single answer I could give I would make a lot of people happy. As it is the answer I usually give, and the only right answer, is as […]

Popular UK Rifle Calibres

I’ve been looking around to see what the most popular calibres in the UK are so I can prepare by having reloading capabilities for these calibres.

I went about it in a very unscientific way. From a suggestion I looked at what was for sale secondhand on GunTrader and from shops local to me. Basically […]

Reloading thoughts

I’m looking at expanding my reloading capabilities. As .223 work out at £1 a round and .243 even more it makes sense to do so. There are several obvious advantages in addition to the cost savings such as you get to define your loads and make each round to your own specification. Not necessarily a […]