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How we need to prepare


Mapping and Route Planning

This is a repost from a comment in the Survival UK Forum. (c)2011 Northern Raider

When preparing to move to a RETREAT or even on EXPEDITION TRAINING you must make careful notes of certain important factors in planning your journey, Also when in location at your base or retreat you need to record for future […]

When you have to do it yourself

Technology is great. It makes our lives easier and allows us to perform many tasks that only a few decades ago were almost impossible for us to do. It saves lives and is a benefit to society in that it allows our society to advance faster than ever before and this allows us to reach […]

Non-Electronic Navigation, by Noil – A repost

First of all I would like to thank JW Rawles, of SurvivalBlog fame, for allowing me to publish this article. When I wrote to him explaining that I was setting up a site with a bias to UK prepping he gave me permission to republish 10 of his posts to get me started. A true […]

Navigation basics

Navigation is another area that has benefited from advances in technology. Specifically location and mapping services. GPS allows us to be accurate to within a few feet of our exact location while mapping services allow us to plot a route from where we are to where we want to go by clicking a few buttons […]