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How we need to prepare


Navigation basics

Navigation is another area that has benefited from advances in technology. Specifically location and mapping services. GPS allows us to be accurate to within a few feet of our exact location while mapping services allow us to plot a route from where we are to where we want to go by clicking a few buttons on a hand held device.

Isn’t technology great. However, you should be aware that there are several scenarios where the GPS services will be restricted and withheld from civilian use which will render your electronic navigation systems useless. That is not including any disaster scenarios.

Most people don’t even use these systems anyway and if you do have them then losing your navigation systems may be a majoring convenience but it isn’t going to kill you in the UK. We are rarely more than a few miles from a main road or community and you should have a general idea where you are so you should have an idea which way to go.

If you are prepared you can replace your navigation systems with a bit of knowledge and some inexpensive kit. Buy an ordinary drivers map book, as sold in The Works or similar, store it in the car. Every car driver should have one. The map book should be enough to get you home from anywhere.

In addition everyone should be able to read a map and navigate to and from a point. Buy a compass and a good local map and teach yourself before you go wandering in the wilds of Wales. Instructions will be in a separate article. Anyone who goes on a nature walk of any significance, not the local park, without navigation aids deserves what they get.

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