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How we need to prepare


Prepping for medical issues.

Been refreshing my medical kits over the last few weeks. I have an interest in staying alive and having some medical kit is a good way of doing that once the basics are sorted.

I’m a great believer in having a good kit with several items as well as some instructional books. I also believe […]

Reducing risks with storage

One area that we all have issues with is storage. I simply do not have enough space to store all my preps in the house or the grounds of the house. It is probably just as well as I would be likely to do that and store everything there. All my eggs in one basket. […]

Building a Library

I am spending a significant amount of time sorting out PDFs and other documents for the files site and there is a lot more to do. Books on all aspects of prepping and survival that could make the difference between life and death for us. The books range across all aspects of prepping and depending […]

The Files site is now On-Line

I have just opened the Survival UK Files site for your downloading pleasure.

It can be found at

It has taken me a while to set up. Was too ambitious at the start and just didn’t have the time to make it as sophisticated as I started out. Then I realised that I was […]