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How we need to prepare


Latest Test Results

A few weeks ago I had an issue with my bathroom leaking. Meant my shower was out so I had a chance to try living without one and to have a updated test run on my preps. It took longer than I anticipated to get the shower fixed, mainly down to the cost and availability […]

Not so fun Stress Test

As part of the stress test series I am looking at a new test for us. One that I suspect will polarise people.

I keep hearing about the differences in the sexes and how women would prioritise toilet paper higher than men. Well, I’m a bloke, and although I don’t prioritise it very highly I […]

Reality vs live testing

As I’ve said before I’ve been involved in the definition of computer systems disaster recover plans and the subsequent testing. It’s good to have a plan but there is a quote that describes testing and reality in very simple terms. It’s not quite war but the principle is the same.

No plan survives first contact […]

It was cold in there

For those that performed the heat tests I am interested how you got on. If you missed out try one next weekend.

I find this particular test very interesting because cold is something we don’t really experience. Sure we get cold over the winter when we are out and about. Even if you work out […]