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Not so fun Stress Test

As part of the stress test series I am looking at a new test for us. One that I suspect will polarise people.

I keep hearing about the differences in the sexes and how women would prioritise toilet paper higher than men. Well, I’m a bloke, and although I don’t prioritise it very highly I have plenty in because I don’t like the alternatives. It’s a culture thing. The problem I have with it is that my kids seem to eat the stuff or swap it for money or something because I go through a lot of it. I can see problems after an event because of the different rates it will be consumed. How is it going to be allocated? Spread (excuse the pun) evenly or on a as needed basis. I can already hear those that use little starting to think.

Anyway, this stress test is simply to go a week without using any toilet paper at all. Use whatever you wish as a substitute providing it is either in your stores or freely available in nature. Use the result to think about your stock of Toilet Paper and how you will allocate it.

It’s a bum job but it has to be done.

9 comments to Not so fun Stress Test

  • Northern Raider

    We dont use toilet paper anyway, we use babywipes, far more hygienic.


    Use a antibacterial cloth lol

  • half

    When in Rome…. sponge on a stick!

  • Highlander

    Moss would be a good alternative, the red moss is best as it contains Iodine,.. so its anti-bacterial,… and for me freely available

  • franc

    get a andrex puppy, or kitten. there self cleaning after use.

  • Use moist toilet wipes, they can be used first to wipe face etc and then used for the old bumhole. Recycle.

  • Ysbryd

    Mon Dieu! how can you barbarians function without a bidet?
    When you have no bog roll you at the very least you’ll need a sense of humour and a wet rag.

  • Ysbryd

    Just an update, I had not realised that all these baby wipes and wet wipes are at least partially non woven plastic and as such won’t break down in a septic tank or sewage treatment plant…they just screw up the drains downstream.
    The problems that they cause have been getting more than their fair share of TV air time since this conversation began.

    • Skean Dhude

      It’s been known for some time and I’m surprised that nothing has been done as it will impact all those with kids big time if they decided to ban them and banning them seems the only tool our legislators have.

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