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How we need to prepare

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Will we all be Farmers?

I was thinking at after an event most, if not all, of us will end up as farmers. Planting in our own patch of land as well as whatever livestock we have or can acquire after an event. It seems the most sensible choice and the only one which appears likely that will feed us [...]

Keeping preps refreshed

I have been prepping for some time now and many of the items I have need periodic refresh. Some items go off, some perish and some are damaged in storage. It is similar to running a warehouse in many respects.

Checking your preps like I am doing now for damage just makes sense. Rain, wind, [...]


Although we all love planners, strategists and the doers the real power behind them is the administrators. Poor boring bean counters and box tickers who are looked at with pity.

Administrators do all the boring work we don’t like doing. They prepare and check the lists of items we need and the catalogue it so [...]

Considering Options

Everyone has to consider options at some time in their lives. Unfortunately evaluating the options and the associate risks is not something that comes naturally to most people. Basic stuff is OK but it is when you start to look outside your comfort zone that we simply do not see many of the options available.