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Product Review Policy

We accept selected products for review. We are strict about the products we consider for review and only review products that we believe will be of benefit to our readers in their search for tools for Survival and/or prepping.

If you wish us to review one of your products on our site then please get in touch to discuss via our contact form. We will then contact you to discuss any relevant details on the product and the conditions and if we are in agreement then we will review that product for our site.


  • Products submitted for review become the property of Survival UK for disposal as we see fit
  • The product will be reviewed by someone either at Survival UK or one of our readers who will have expertese in that product area
  • We do our best to assure the accuracy of our product review and will be honest in fully testing the product for survival and prepping use.
  • Depending on the product we may perform tests going beyond the operating parameters of the product if this is seen, by Survival UK, to be relevant for the product. If this happens we will say so and avoid criticizing your product unfairly if we abuse it outside of its normal operating parameters
  • Depending on the product we may also subject it to destruction testing if this is seen, by Survival UK, to be relevant for the product

Reader reviews
In some cases we, or one of our readers, will also review a product simply because we have one and want to let others know of what we think about that product, good or bad. In this case it means one of us has bought the product and although it is unlikely to be tested to the same limits, after all we still want it ourselves, we will still perform a unbiased and fair test or we will not publish the review.

Unbiased review
All our reviews will be unbiased and fair regardless of the source and a record of the tests, the results and any relevent evidence will be kept for six months after the tests.