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How we need to prepare


Bee Update

In my last post I was splitting the hive to stop the bees swarming and create a backup hive. I’ve been monitoring the situation and it appears that the bees have not liked the lack of a queen and have since been trying to grow their own by creating quite a few more queen cells.


Garden Work

Still looking at minimising my spend and doing some work in the garden as well as looking after the sites.

I had a little hiccup with the plants I planted at the weekend. Those *^%$&%* chickens dug half of them up and threw the soft earth all over the garden looking for grubs. A visitor […]

Spending this months money

Still working in the garden. Not my strongest area but this year is intended to change all that. I’ve planted some strawberries, some tomatoes and replaced some of the fruit bushes that have died over the winter. I’m re-potting everything as most of them ended up filling up with water and with all the rain […]

Make soap out of horse chestnuts

Conker Soap / Viking Soap


1 – Peel approximately 24 conkers with a sharp knife. Conkers are a kind of horse chestnut and are easily available in the fall from trees or from gourmet nut stores. Discard the brown peels and rinse the white innards gently.

2 – Grate the white conker innards with […]