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How we need to prepare


More social engineering screws up the self reliant

Our masters still desire to socially engineer everyone in the UK and are still using the global warming scam as an excuse to do so. Basically, because there are still a lot of dickheads out there that believe that humans are changing the environment and need to be instructed on what to do to ensure […]

New Year Catch Up – Power

Last year I purchased a complete solar panel system of 240W. Not massive by any means. The reasoning behind it was simple. I have a house full of women and they just can’t seem to switch the lights off. My thoughts were I would power the lights, and the lights alone, and it would be […]

Low Tech Electronics

Whilst sorting through my older and uncatalogued non-perishable preps I came across a collection of resistors, capacitors and transistors from my old electronic days. I put them aside because I thought that they would be useful in my preps for electronic tasks such as communications, security systems and a variety of other tasks. Associated with […]

Why Grid charge 12v backup systems and how much it cost?

Our house is on the edge of a remote hamlet, and we do not want to draw any attention to the technical capabilities that we are building into it.

Just over 4 weeks ago we installed the first stage of our 12v back-up power system.

We’ve opted to maintain charge in the 2 x 125ah […]